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  1. congrats on the purchase! and welcome.
  2. Ya I have one on order and have read the instructions, I just wanted people’s opinions on this guys install, just wanted to know if it had any merit.
  3. What’s up guy! I’m looking for opinions on a Tru Cool install video I came across while researching how to install one. I’m going to be putting one on my ISS soon, and I wanted some feedback on this video I came across I’ll post the link below. But I would like some of your personal experience and opinions on installing them. Yes it is a three part video I think he talks bout how to mount and flow of the cooler on the third video.
  4. I've been looking at these personally https://factoryreproductions.com/shop/gmc/chevy-1500-ss-truck/
  5. did you sell it? the ebay listing is down.
  6. The chrome wheels are correct for an intimidator, but he's listing it as all wheel drive... the intimidator was rear wheel only, and only released in 06. which I'm sure everyone knows. it would be a good project truck.
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