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  1. The problem is that E85 is not readily available where I live (Small Town West Tennessee), so 92 pump gas is the best I can do without buying cases of octane booster and putting some in every tank. So I think that the 450 pump and 80's may be the best route. I'm really not trying to go crazy with it. I still want it to be reliable and not blow the engine.
  2. I am thinking about installing an MMI Twin Turbo Kit on my truck. It already has a 4L80E transmission. The kit is on amazon. Anyway, what I am wanting is help on what else I will need to buy with the kit. I know I will need bigger injectors, I just dont know how many lbs/hr. I also plan on installing a high flow oil pump with this kit as well. I will be getting it tuned on a dyno after the install. I also plan on replacing the head gaskets, intake gaskets, and lifters at the same time. Thinking about a cam, but not sure where to go with that either. Looking for any advice that I can get. I am
  3. From the album: Looking Excellent!

    Got it all cleaned up.
  4. It sucks that its not compatible with an iPhone 5 otherwise I might be interested.
  5. I'm out of Ripley, TN. I'll talk to the wife and see if we can make it, sounds like fun.
  6. Honestly, I talked to a shop close to me, Dynospeed in Memphis, TN, and they told me that the LQ9 is so well built that unless its burning oil and I couldn't see the crosshatching on the cylinder walls, it would be best to leave the bottom end alone. I took their advice after checking everything out, because the bottom end looked good. As far as the heads go, I had a 3 way valve job done and had them cleaned and decked. All of that cost $150 for both heads. Not really expensive for the valve job, now if you go as far as porting and polishing, yeah, it can get expensive, but since I was on a bu
  7. Well, got the truck all put back together. Changed the head gaskets and everything from there up. New NGK Iridium plugs and MSD Wires. Put a set of Long Tube headers on it and am having the exhaust hooked up today. Now it sounds good and runs excellent, probably better than it did the day I bought it. I appreciate everyone's help and insight on this. Very happy with the truck at this point. Oh, and I did everything for about $800 because I did all the work myself.
  8. Yeah, I think that is what I'm going to do. I bought it with 198,000 miles, one owner. It just sucks it originated in Pennsylvania, it was covered with rust, but I bought it cheap, so I can't complain, now it looks perfect, but runs like hell. If I have my choice it'll have that many more miles on it before I get rid of it, unless I sell it and buy another one. I love this truck.

    Body (Rust) Repair

    My truck was vandalized. So while I was getting it fixed, I decided to address the rust issues associated with the truck. Needed rocker panels, cab corners, bed pieces, and a rear bumper.
  10. definitely on a budget, about $2000 is what I'm working with.
  11. Ok, got the worst news possible. The truck has a burnt valve over cylinder 6, which now has no compression. Looks like an engine rebuild for me. Any suggestions on how I should approach this. The truck has 223,000 miles on it, so I am going to completely rebuild it.
  12. The throttle body is only about 10 months old, so no I didn't. I didn't change the plug wires either or look at the plugs, but I did have someone tell me to do this also. I am having my mechanic check them out. Thanks. The pump is brand new and is getting the pressure to right where it ought to be now that I changed out the pressure regulator. Thanks. The fuel filter is about a year old, so I guess it could be but i wouldn't think so. Thanks. I had someone else tell me this exact thing. I actually got fed up last night and took it to my mechanic who has always done all the wo
  13. I have an 03 Silverado SS AWD. I just recently had it on the body shop getting rust panels installed and painting it. I was driving it today and it started sputtering and missing and died. I thought the fuel pump went out so I changed it. Not it. Checked the fuel pressure and it maxed at 48 psi at idle and dropped to 40 when I gave it gas. Thought it was the fuel pressure regulator, not it. Checked the flashing codes and it read multiple cylinder misfire p0300 and mass air flow sensor, p0101, so I changed the sensor, not it. The truck is running like shit and I'm ready to pull my hair out. Any
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    I appreciate it. We have a bunch of deer here too, worries the hell outta me all the time, lol.
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    From the album: Body (Rust) Repair

    Almost complete!!!
  16. I agree, you never go full retard. LMFAO!
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    Thanks. Unfortunately I don't have a supercharger, otherwise that would have been a great idea.
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