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  1. The problem is that E85 is not readily available where I live (Small Town West Tennessee), so 92 pump gas is the best I can do without buying cases of octane booster and putting some in every tank. So I think that the 450 pump and 80's may be the best route. I'm really not trying to go crazy with it. I still want it to be reliable and not blow the engine.
  2. I am thinking about installing an MMI Twin Turbo Kit on my truck. It already has a 4L80E transmission. The kit is on amazon. Anyway, what I am wanting is help on what else I will need to buy with the kit. I know I will need bigger injectors, I just dont know how many lbs/hr. I also plan on installing a high flow oil pump with this kit as well. I will be getting it tuned on a dyno after the install. I also plan on replacing the head gaskets, intake gaskets, and lifters at the same time. Thinking about a cam, but not sure where to go with that either. Looking for any advice that I can get. I am wanting to put around 600 horsepower to the ground. Not trying to get too crazy with the boost.
  3. It sucks that its not compatible with an iPhone 5 otherwise I might be interested.
  4. I'm out of Ripley, TN. I'll talk to the wife and see if we can make it, sounds like fun.
  5. Honestly, I talked to a shop close to me, Dynospeed in Memphis, TN, and they told me that the LQ9 is so well built that unless its burning oil and I couldn't see the crosshatching on the cylinder walls, it would be best to leave the bottom end alone. I took their advice after checking everything out, because the bottom end looked good. As far as the heads go, I had a 3 way valve job done and had them cleaned and decked. All of that cost $150 for both heads. Not really expensive for the valve job, now if you go as far as porting and polishing, yeah, it can get expensive, but since I was on a budget and am not trying to build a race truck, I just got the reworked for everyday driving.
  6. Well, got the truck all put back together. Changed the head gaskets and everything from there up. New NGK Iridium plugs and MSD Wires. Put a set of Long Tube headers on it and am having the exhaust hooked up today. Now it sounds good and runs excellent, probably better than it did the day I bought it. I appreciate everyone's help and insight on this. Very happy with the truck at this point. Oh, and I did everything for about $800 because I did all the work myself.
  7. Yeah, I think that is what I'm going to do. I bought it with 198,000 miles, one owner. It just sucks it originated in Pennsylvania, it was covered with rust, but I bought it cheap, so I can't complain, now it looks perfect, but runs like hell. If I have my choice it'll have that many more miles on it before I get rid of it, unless I sell it and buy another one. I love this truck.

    Body (Rust) Repair

    My truck was vandalized. So while I was getting it fixed, I decided to address the rust issues associated with the truck. Needed rocker panels, cab corners, bed pieces, and a rear bumper.
  9. definitely on a budget, about $2000 is what I'm working with.
  10. Ok, got the worst news possible. The truck has a burnt valve over cylinder 6, which now has no compression. Looks like an engine rebuild for me. Any suggestions on how I should approach this. The truck has 223,000 miles on it, so I am going to completely rebuild it.
  11. The throttle body is only about 10 months old, so no I didn't. I didn't change the plug wires either or look at the plugs, but I did have someone tell me to do this also. I am having my mechanic check them out. Thanks. The pump is brand new and is getting the pressure to right where it ought to be now that I changed out the pressure regulator. Thanks. The fuel filter is about a year old, so I guess it could be but i wouldn't think so. Thanks. I had someone else tell me this exact thing. I actually got fed up last night and took it to my mechanic who has always done all the work I couldn't figure out. I will throw this his way if he doesn't come up with anything, but he is pretty good. I will let everyone know what it turns out to be. Thanks. This is the only issue I have had with this truck other than the reduced engine power crap that made me change out the throttle body pigtail. All in all its been a great truck.
  12. I have an 03 Silverado SS AWD. I just recently had it on the body shop getting rust panels installed and painting it. I was driving it today and it started sputtering and missing and died. I thought the fuel pump went out so I changed it. Not it. Checked the fuel pressure and it maxed at 48 psi at idle and dropped to 40 when I gave it gas. Thought it was the fuel pressure regulator, not it. Checked the flashing codes and it read multiple cylinder misfire p0300 and mass air flow sensor, p0101, so I changed the sensor, not it. The truck is running like shit and I'm ready to pull my hair out. Any suggestions?
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    I appreciate it. We have a bunch of deer here too, worries the hell outta me all the time, lol.
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