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  1. Need passenger side front door cladding. The bigger piece in the bottom. Mine came loose and got all bent and now hits when I open door. Let me know if you would sell me that.
  2. nice truck! how much you get as a trade for the SS?
  3. I saw that sae has them in all colors other than black. I tried to email place but haven't heard back. I'll be lucky if I can find a black one. porksoda i also had this issue which is why I want a good clean one. my piece is not missing or cracked but is bended a bit and hits sometimes when I open the door with the fender part
  4. I'm looking to sell mine if interested. 2003 with 62k miles.
  5. looking for front passenger side cladding. the one that's on the lower part of the door. anyone that has one to sell please contact me. thanks in advance.
  6. SuperSickSS

    june 17. SS

    Nice. I got 305 50 20s on my ss. Your stance is perfect. What did you use to drop it?
  7. Do you have the passenger front door lower cladding? Let me know. Thanks.
  8. I'll trade you my SS for that. Lol. Good luck with sale man. Badass ride!
  9. It was worth more than 15k just because its hard to come across clean and low mileage SSS anymore. Either people get jacked and become salvage or miles are high. People will pay a premium for the right one and of course is a real fan of these trucks.
  10. I would like to see that 315 also. Ususally people on here go with 305/50/20. I'm going this route if i don't end up going wit 22" reps. Just waiting for my tires to lose some thread, i hardly drive the SS.
  11. I'll sell you my 20's if your interested. Oem silver. Real clean condition. Tires are also good. Make an offer if interested.
  12. I'll sell you mine. Im in California.
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