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  1. Hey guys, gonna swap my converter out for a circle d while I'm doing my cam swap, Is it necessary to replace the t.c lock up o ring on the input shaft? I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the write ups? Thanks in advance!
  2. Any Guys running the ARH System have trouble bolting up to the factory exhaust?, and how about problems with the oil dipstick tube.. looking at getting a set of non catted ARH headers and mid pipe next week.. how does it sound with the factory muffler and exhaust? not looking to go CORSA yet, but will if the factory setup dosnt cut it., does the CORSA bolt up to the ARH system? Thanks, Mike
  3. Not looking to spend more than 25k$
  4. Been looking for a clean ISS, let me know
  5. yeah , I should have thought of that before I started the job, it was a little tricky but not too bad , by the way , every time I try to upload a pic ,it says the file is too large?, I have my phone hooked up to my laptop, and try to import the file but no luck? any ideas?
  6. Well guys ,its been a long time since ive been on, but I blew another brake line on the way to work last week in the Intimidator , so instead of just cutting and installing a new piece of line from the parts store, I went ahead and bought the stainless steel line kit already pre bent from Russell performance, I am really happy with it , the quality is very good and also the packaging and instructions! I didn't want to pull the bed off so I just did everything the hard way , pulled one line at a time and replaced with new line!! (what a pain in the ass), the hardest line for me was the one running from the ABS block to the rear axle , had to snake it between the frame and fuel tank !!! but it turned out real nice , and since I was doing all the lines , I figured I would do the rubber lines and the rotors and calipers as well, again im really happy with the way it turned out!, I went with O.E.M calipers from powerstop but powder coated red , and Baer slotted and drilled rotors , I got everything from Summitracing, the calipers were 200$,and the rotors were 250$,line kit was 300$ , I also did a C.A.I as well, the rear drums looked good inside and out so I left them alone, tryin to upload pics but having trouble!!
  7. awesome ! thanks for the info man!!!
  8. ive been playing with hp tuners for a months now and wanted to play with my trans tune a bit.. ive already adjusted my torque management a bit ,but wanted to know what tables needed to adjusted for shift speed and firmness ,wanted to ask before adjusting anything without knowing...sorry for the newb questions, thanks for any info
  9. Alright, thanks man,will check it out asap
  10. Yeah guys ,turned out to be a f***ed compressor!it was a reman,under warranty, so I got another one ,installed it and charged it up aND it's working great! Thanks for the replys, I do have a code for a/c recirculation actuator voltage to low? I posted about it but still unsure which one I need to replace? Thanks again
  11. well,i replaced the condenser and the 2 lines coming off the compressor , with all new O-rings and took it back to my a/c guy and it still wont hold a vaccum??? im really worried now it might be the evaporator!, FML, guess ill keep looking ,then tear the dash out and see what I can find... he injected dye again and used the black light,and couldn't find anything, he's still got the truck,and told me he was gonna use the sniffer next
  12. I pulled the condenser and pressure tested it,it seemed like it was holding air pressure, (I used air and covered the ports with a rag and blew air into it)I didn't see any wet spots on it? I'm thinking it's the evaporator, but I never smelled freeon in the cab? Anyone got info on how to remove the evaporator?
  13. Everything is working fine, I think? I've got hot and cold on both sides,but no recirculation
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