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  1. you still have transfer case ? If so what are you asking and where are you located?

    1. 85SS/85GN


      Yes $200 beaver dam Wisconsin

  2. f you still have one of these please let me know.
  3. Rudy count me in for at least one front and rear set of bracket s
  4. There some 20038 built over 5 year period
  5. drop me a pm maybe we can get this done in the next 24 hrs
  6. what would the shipping be to 82227?
  7. Just getting back from vacation. If you still have intake let me know will send funds via PayPal Monday.
  8. If you still have this let me know, will send funds by way of PayPal.
  9. Looking to purchase a TBSS intake that is already setup for a 2003 SS
  10. you still have intake setup? please reply pm
  11. Bryan, If you still have these items let me know as I am interested
  12. Steve didn't hear back from Zach on his intake, rails and injectors. Have you pull your yet let me know what you are thinking cost wise. Thanks
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