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  1. kaze_v8

    Which muffler to go with?

    I say corsa sport, but if not id try mafnaflow bullets or kooks bullets are cheap and sound good.
  2. kaze_v8

    Stolen truck Irving tx

    Worst feeling, when there are chances of finding her. I likely had mine recovered without knowing and bought by a fellow member on here. I took it for gone after a couple weeks, and picked up the next best thing to an SS, a Denali. Good luck on your new truck.
  3. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Wow, she looks as good as the last day i saw her. Im glad to see her as good as before!
  4. kaze_v8


    Unless youre going with a big bank, youre gonna have a hard time getting something from out of state.
  5. kaze_v8

    Which SS should I purchase?

    The way I see these trucks its all a matter of how much youre willing to pay. They are becoming more and more rare, and for the mileage, it doesn't get better than that. I paid a pretty penny for mine when I got it, and it was more than I was hoping for, but at the time, I wanted something completely stock, awd, under 100k miles, and as new as I could get it. Sure there were better cheaper deals, but it wasn't what I wanted exactly, and thus I had to pay up lol. If you don't buy it, someone else will, and at this point its a matter of which you like best.
  6. kaze_v8

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    If you need help with that title transfer, I know some people. Can get it done, no issues.
  7. kaze_v8

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    Badass, You ever wanna get rid of any of your babies, let me know. I love ISS, and a silver birch SS. Good luck on the build
  8. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Damn that's a bummer how much damage was done just in the shipping process. Hitch is gone, bumper ducts are jacked, and the scratches on the side, what a damn shame.
  9. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Yeah shes pretty damn low. Was originally a 4/5 drop, then did a 5/5, and last I had it I raised it up about an inch and a half. This photoshoot was before her paintjob as well, you know how black can be, so I wanted like a fresh start and went and did all the exterior mods I wanted, including paint, wing, grills, lights. Only thing missing was the hood, but I couldn't find anyone willing to make me the hood I wanted. Like I said, the week she was stolen, she was getting the blower installed, alongside headers, exhaust, stall, and cam. I tend to pile up parts and do it all at once. After they stole it I had a lot of stuff I had to get rid of. Im just glad she wasn't turned into a clone, Im a big despiser of clones made from original SS parts lol.
  10. I would love these for my new project..
  11. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Old photoshoot of her.
  12. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Yeah I spoke to him already, pretty straight up guy. I was upset at first, but after speaking to mark im pleased knowing shes in good hands. Im shocked to see her in such good condition, after a few weeks passed, I kinda gave up on the idea and figured she was in pieces. But its nice to see her just how I left her, except the rear end. As far as the insurance goes, I had full coverage and was paid for the truck, but obviously nothing close to what I invested in her. To my understanding, the insurance is suppose to notify you when the vehicle is found, and the usually give the previous owner first dibs on buying her back, and this goes for total losses in case of accident, or stolen. If I would've known, I would've definitely bought her back, knowing you bought her around the same time I bought my new pickup truck would've been interesting. Mark, I know shes in good hands, and not in some thieves hands, if you have any questions Sir, give me a holler, I look forward to your build boss. -Erick
  13. kaze_v8

    Complete SS clone, Watch this space...

    Yo I need you to contact me asap! That black SS is my Silverado SS!! It was stolen 6 months ago! It is identical! And I need to know where it's at! Please I need to know. If you're willing to sell I'll buy that truck for any price. Anyone that followed me on this site knows I did everything right to that truck. That thing was my pride and joy, that paint job wasn't even a month old.
  14. kaze_v8

    2.3L Whipple Sidemount

    SOLD! To a fellow SS member. Happy truckin fellas.
  15. kaze_v8

    2.3L Whipple Sidemount

    Has about 15k miles. It was a bolt on kit for any gen 3 LS, which I was gonna modify the snout to fit the intercooler piping. I had a Vic JR. that I was gonna run with this as well.