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  1. I bought the truck used at around 80k miles and have no records of maintenance. I'm thinking maybe the shop didn't want to fool with it because of the heavy schedule they are under at the current moment. I've never messed with rebuild or installation. But having said that, I'm all for knowledge. Even if I get a shop to do the rebuild, knowledge is definitely power. Plus, the more you know, the more they can't try to slide stuff past you. I saw a few years ago guys were buying the center sections from Jasper Motors and having good luck with them but at a premium. I think back then they were charging like $1900 for the centers. Just curious if someone made a "bulletproof" front diff.
  2. So I just got the news my front diff needs to be rebuilt. The shop I normally use said they don't have all the tools to properly rebuild so they suggest taking it to a transmission shop. At this point am I better off just buying a new front diff and having it installed? What about getting the rear done at the same time? I've seen some threads where people have suggested getting an after market rear that is better, is there a similar option for the front? The truck is a 2003 with around 125k miles. What do you guys think?
  3. I had a pioneer unit installed and just bought the conversion harness from Crutchfield. Only problem I have is the installer couldn't get the steering controls to worK correctly. Only got the volume buttons to work.
  4. I finally pulled the trigger on a set of 421Q for my 03. So far, I've been very pleased. Had to purchase from Walmart since they're considered a "club tire" here in NC. Apparently your company has to be a certain size to distribute them. I almost purchased a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S but the wife wasn't too keen on the $209 per tire. I found a new set of the Pirelli's on ebay the day after I had the Nitto's installed for $750. The ratings on the 421Q were comparable to the Pirelli though.
  5. I've got 06 calipers waiting to replace my stock 03 calipers to get the bigger rotors.
  6. I'll jump in line next if they are available. Let me know and we'll setup everything accordingly.
  7. I've been looking at the General Grabber UHP in the OEM size or possibly a 305/50/20. Any thoughts?
  8. Why are you selling them? Never got your spacer situation fixed? Those would've been killer on your clone. Wish I had the extra cash. GLWS.
  9. I seem to get like 14-14.5 mix. It doesn't matter if I drive mountains or coast (NC) I get about the same. If I go more city or tow it drops to like 13.5-14. Been researching different options. I'm stock except NGK plugs, MSD wires and Volant air box. Sometimes I wish I would have found this forum before buying. Lol.
  10. Sweet ride. This is the direction I'm heading with my 03. What kind of MPG you get with that cam? Good luck with the sale. Looks like someone is gonna be happy with this one.
  11. Beautiful truck. Someone is going to get a deal here. If I didn't have a black 03 I'd jump on this. Pretty much the way I want mine to look. GLWS.
  12. Great shirts for anyone on the fence. I bought one for me and one for the wife. The grey and red are excellent and the design is very unique. If your thinking about getting one, do it. Thanks again jddmj.
  13. I thought the 06 had 12 in front rotors like my 2003. In my research on the truck forums, I've read they didn't upgrade to 13 in front rotors until NNBS. Just want to make sure I'm not buying the same size I currently have. Sorry if I am mistaken.
  14. I'm at 27292. Aren't the rotors the same size as 2003 SS (12 in).
  15. Is this price shipped? Also estimated miles on the calipers, any leaks or problems?
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