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  1. ^^^ Yeah the six speed is a blast! I had a 98 with upgrades and loved it. My Man I miss that 6 speed
  2. I have this customer at the south east bottom of Mich. that's his specialty. I was at his place in the fall, he had 2 of them. One was lifted, he was removing the lift kit and putting it back to stock ride height. 258 6's, manual, and both were from out west so super clean. I believe he said he sells them around 6K, I could be mistaken. I am gonna swing by in the next few days and see if I can catch him and see if he has one still available. I will keep you posted
  3. It's to bad your picky!!! LOL, my blue beauty is a little beat down...... I do drive my truck as much as possible, and my camaro hasn't left the garage yet this summer. That's due to higher mileage maintenance/ repairs being performed. Hope you find the rite deal
  4. Thanks, glad I stumbled upon this topic. Easy fix for my issue
  5. Well I stand corrected, I will hit a salvage yard ( good buddy owns a large one buy my house) and split a hydro booster from the m.c. that could explain why my brakes would engage and not release. I replaced the hard lines, rubber hoses, front calipers and rotors (07' upgrade) and it is fine again. It worked fine for a thousand miles or so, then would randomly not release the brakes. The push rod seemed to be the correct length, but I was not aware of a return spring. Glad you mentioned it, I will let ya know what I find.
  6. Nice!!! I love your truck that baby is BAD A$$
  7. Remove that piece from your vacuum booster. It pulls right out and goes in the hydro booster. I had that same problem, luckily i caught it quickly lol
  8. Looking killer Ramon! Nice trucks
  9. Very impressive collection!!! Those are some nice dyno #,s
  10. 4L80 swap. But I agree time for a new trans shop. If your not beating on your truck then you shouldn't be having these issues.
  11. Dang Ramon your doing a flip kit on the rear! How much will that drop your truck?
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