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  1. 275/40/20 in the front and 315/35/20 in the back bridgestone runflats
  2. I've gone 315/35/20 on a stock rim. Looked good and love the look it gave the truck
  3. I'd be interest in this. Been wanti to put 20s back on the ss but 20x10 in the back
  4. So would getting them to 10" work after all? Wouldn't mind doing that to the back pair. Kinda leaning towards getting rid of the replicas for that.
  5. Where are you located? I'd buy them for 400
  6. Welcome. What part of Houston do you stay by? I'm from Houston as well
  7. I'm down bro just lmk. I'll be working a month out of town then will be back. Maybe we can set up a date after that.
  8. Not new just been lurking around the site for a while and never introduced my self. Picked up an 06 Silver bitch ss about 3 months ago. Love it so far just tranny on these things don't last long. Mods so far are just 40k tranny cooler, cal tracs, and tune. Starting to save up for a trick turbo kit
  9. SiK_SS

    LS3 Swap?

    Something that you might wanna check is I believe the ls3 knock sensors are on the side instead of the top cover. So you might have to extend the knock sensors. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
  10. Do the hangers fit with caltracs that you sell? I wanna go as low as I can without a flip kit
  11. Not oem but there good quality http://houston.craigslist.org/pts/4892478073.html
  12. Is that the volant that has the tube that goes to the bumper for more air?
  13. Nice truck. Not bad on the price either for an intimidator I would jump on it quick
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