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  1. thought i better get on the fourm. my SS is all over FB so some will recognize me. ill update more pics in time.
  2. Haha yeah for sure! Think that was my first post ever. So it's a 9.1:1 408 from texas speed. Built 4l80e trans. Figuring out lots. Going to be putting in new input shaft in t-case today. I got some 3/4 truck drivelines. Really hope they will work. If not got to get mine cut. Balencer and front end also going on this weekend:)
  3. Shawnss will 2500 drivelines bolt right up? If so I'll just get those and not mess with cutting my OEM drivelines... Maybe, I'll look into cost
  4. Yeah! Got ahold of him. Paid for and having one shipped! It's going to be running soon!
  5. Look up Robert Godfrey, he built me a 80e rated for 1100hp. Super cool guy and very helpful.
  6. I got in touch with him! Thanks so much man!!!!!!
  7. Yes I want a time2kill shaft, haven't heard from him. If I don't hear from him soon I'm just pulling the trans out and getting the shaft switched out to the PATC output shaft. Really don't want to though.
  8. In process if 4l80e conversion in my SS. Anyone have a time2kill shaft I can buy ASAP? Any other ways to make this work keeping the OEM 80e output shaft? Is it possible to put a 3/4 ton input shaft in out AWD transfer case?????
  9. What is the part number for the adapter to bolt up our t-case to the 80e anyone know? If we get that OEM adapter is it possible to have a dealer instal a 80e input shaft in the t-case? Trying to get my hands in a time2kill shaft now... Anyone have one to sell?????
  10. Starting my build. Lots of questions here! Please help!
  11. I ran 13psi for 30miles after I got it tunes. Only 70k miles. Think I got unlucky or a bad tune? Shattered number 7 piston...if I could do it over I would only run 8psi then it would still of ran while I build a 408...
  12. Thank you. Just trying to get things all figured out and ready to go back together once my engine and trans are ready to go back in.
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