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  1. If the problem started after the second trans replacement I would bet something was left loose or not installed (ground)....... its possible that pedal sensor went out as a fluke but I doubt it.......
  2. You cant buy just the muffler so youll have to search for a used one or buy the kit and sell the other parts off.....
  3. Hopefully the new one was heat treated to harden it!
  4. They are still available from GM. I also see them on eBay....
  5. Carfax may shed some light if there were any service events or registrations. Otherwise hard to find info with privacy laws these days. Hopefully you kept info of who you sold it to..... just check the ol interweb decent low mile trucks pop up every once and a while but you may have to travel to find the right one.....
  6. I used to live in Charlotte but took a new job out in Utah....
  7. Ha for some reason I thought you had a Intimadator..... got you confused with another member.....
  8. I drove by and checked on it. Its in storage until our new house is done.
  9. He has an 06 which has the larger front brakes. Some folks have done the Z06 upgrade. GM makes a brembo kit that you can put on the new trucks. I bet it could be adapted to the 06 and later trucks but I havent looked much into it......
  10. Good point! Outside of dude help me find cladding posts there isnt much going on..... lol
  11. Last few weeks have hardly seen any posts....... dead here. ? Anyone still here? Lol.
  12. Just ask the parts guy to lay his hands on it and make sure its correct. Hell have them open the box before they ship it..... then no worries.
  13. Its all good. I was just trying to post Something since its been dead around here. Not my cup of tea but as they say in the car business theres an ass for every seat. Lol
  14. Welcome. Its been a bit slow around here lately so ask away!
  15. The point was its ugly as it sits with its 1980s flames.
  16. Look at eBay. A place called SAE parts has a lot of NOS cladding parts.
  17. Man its been slow around here! Here is one ugly SSS! https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity=d631&radius=50&zip=28214&sourceContext=RecentSearches_false_0&isRecentSearchView=true#listing=204615670
  18. Um Im not sure why you would spend 160k on building a Silverado SS......
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