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  1. Those things are impossible to find...... I think youll have a better chance winning the lottery!
  2. No problem glad someone on here grabbed it!
  3. I see someone picked it up..... lol.
  4. Not mine..... I just got one but if someone is looking...... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS Pickup Truck Sales Brochure Sheet Nice Original 03 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273463685685
  5. Thanks. I may have to switch insurance companies as I dont think my current one insures them. Im sure They would low ball you I have done the work myself so Im in car right so Im not terribly worried.
  6. Im almost done with my latest rebuild. This is my first truck with a dirty title. Ive read that getting insurance can be a bit of a hassle. Just curious what insurance company you use?
  7. Ive pulled over 7,000lbs with mine no sweat. I have the 2wd but still never an issue with bottoming out? ?
  8. Now that I think about it I think what your referring to is called beaming. Is it worse on concrete roads with expansion joints? If so that is what is called beaming and it just the frame flexing. Best way to describe is when you look in rear view mirror and it looks like tail gate is jumping up and down.......
  9. Unfortunately your dealing with over 20 year old technology. These trucks were engineered in the late 90s. They have improved trucks since then with even stiffer frames and better suspension tuning.... at the time they were cutting edge. If you want a better ride put about 300 pounds in the back..... lol. Once they have a load they ride way smoother.
  10. The new rams 1/2 tons have coil springs so yes they ride more car like. If the suspension is all original its probably overdue for some new shocks....
  11. EXGM


    Those calipers look like they are off a 5th gen Camaro.
  12. You need the whole panel. How hard did you pull it? Lol
  13. That wont work for folks with custom dual exhausts.....
  14. Yep told ya..... everyone is like yeah I want one. Then its crickets when it comes to actually doing something. Part of the problem is this forum is dead. I bet there would be people interested in PT trucks but I dont frequent that site. I bet its the same over there youll get a hundred people say yes then when it comes to actually pulling the trigger they are like I dont have money bla bla bla......
  15. Im surprised its usually always cheaper to rebuild vs replace. Did you totally gernade your t-case? If you go new its actually rebuilt also as they dont make new ones anymore. If I recall the GM transfer case have a 3yr warranty and have a $200 rebate. If you rebuild locally you can buy parts and upgrade the weak spots of the case. The thing they are most nortorious for is wearing a pin hole in case. I think In the aftermarket they make a kit to eleminate the issue. I have a RWD truck as I didnt want to have to deal with all the t-case issues..... lol.
  16. Honestly by time you pay shipping (because its oversize) you may be able to buy one local from the dealer for less. Try car-parts.com. Its a wrecking yard database. Maybe you can find a used one near you
  17. Im not sure what your asking. These trucks never came with one but I believe that people use one from a similar vintage Tahoe 05-06.
  18. Yeah thats why I bought the beltech one. I figured hell would freeze over before this boondoggle got off the ground. Plus you have to drop the tank and I hate doing that so its a one and done for me...... lol.
  19. Not to rain on your parade but someone will have to front the money. They will want to money up front then one person will have to ship out. It will be a nightmare IMHO. Then you have to get enough people to actually commit and not flake out.... uh I wasnt ready or I dont have the cash etc.
  20. I looked into the Hotchkis as well. Discontinued many years ago.... the beltech is the closest to the Hotchkis bar..... I inquired about seeing if Hotchkis would build their rear bar again and I think they needed a minimum order of 20. I wasnt going to front over 6k and hope I could find enough people to buy them or try and put a group buy together.....
  21. I bought the beltech rear bar but have been busy and havent had time to install. I just moved into a new house and got my lift setup again. I think the forward facing ones will give you more room. My truck has a custom dual exhaust which is why I went the beltech route. I thought about the suv bar but the end links looked like the would not clear the way mine is routed. Ill post pics once I get around to doing mine but probably wont be until first of September...... lol.
  22. Have you tried a place like gm parts direct. They are cheaper than local dealers sometimes....
  23. Why not just crawl under and look? #1 is usually the core support I would imagine there are 3 for the cab but Ive never looked.
  24. X2...... most Dorman stuff is import (China) most GM is North America..... US Canada and Mexico.....
  25. I wouldnt get aftermarket mounts the rubber is typically harder and you wont be happy. Aftermarket engine mounts have this problem..... why do cab mounts need to be replaced that is not very common.....
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