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  1. Already have Long tube Pacesetters and prefer to run them further back. and Id like to keep the factory mids but if I cut out the cats and replace them with 3" pipes Dont really wanna get a tune in until I get the flat tappet cam in.
  2. Ok so Im lookin bolt on a catback exhaust system with Electric exhaust cutout right after the headers. would the the open cutouts **** up the reading on the 02s or no? Also pondering cutting out the cats and putting in a whole exhaust system. just wodering if anybody had tips on dealing with the codes with 02 sensors.
  3. SSAWD

    exterior After wash

    Just some exterior photos after she got a bath.
  4. appreciate it. n shes got about 170k. n Im in the Army so money is alil tight on my end too. lol. I was thinkin about usin the same injectors as the LS2 motors. n maybe hooker headers runnin to true duals with EECO right under the cab.
  5. I recently acquired an 03 Silverado SS 6.0 and Im lookin for some performance upgrades. Lookin for headers, fairly radical cam but still street worthy, and a true duals set up for starters. Any tips on the best places to look for parts to get more bang for your buck? my end game will be a comepletely rebuilt and forged SC motor. but Im just startin out at the moment. lol
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