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  1. Do you know if 05 will fit an 03 ss? Was thinking about hydroboost upgrade
  2. Looking for both front door panels... cost?
  3. Would also like to know if still available..?.. thanks guys
  4. Location? Looking for good door panels
  5. Door panels good? Driver and passenger seat condition? Interested and can pick up if price right
  6. Awsome...rather buy from an SS brother but might have to look on ebay, love that mod...thanks guys
  7. I just bought 22s with 15 offset, do you think I'll have rubbing issues with 285/45/22? Thanks alot....really want to lower since just put on kmc mc5 rims, needs lower and level. Thnx
  8. Just got my ss while ago and love this simple mod and hoping someone has a set since I'm late to the party. Looking for a set of white ss flood lights,thanks guys.
  9. Norcal,in your opinion what way would you lower mostly stock 2003 ss to get most comfortable and clearance while doing a 2-3... just got kmc 22s and really wanna lower now...thnx man
  10. Hey nor cal.... do you still have style 44 in machine/ black? Cost? Looking to bite the bullet and upgrade, thnx
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