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  1. thanks truck has been tuned I have hptuners and was seeing some high 11's on the wideband and thought that was a little rich it runs good just wanted to see what you guys shoot for and see how it does in the mid 12s thanks
  2. have a 03 awd ss and taking it to a dyno is out of the question I know each setup is different but wondering what air fuel ratio is a good target for best power on these trucks? I was thinking about trying to shoot for a 12.2-12.5 if anyone has some dyno experience would be appreciated. im running small cam headers no cats cai
  3. Let me ask this if the servo isn't "right" or leaking by can I damage the trans?
  4. Ok not a transmission expert first. I just installed a new trailblazer converter in my 03 ss. Now it will not shift while in throttle I have hp tuners and installed my stock trans numbers still no luck. I also used scanner to listen for solenoid operation and that's good. I did take servo out and installed billet 3-4. Need input I am thinking its in the tune but can anyone think of anything I could have done wrong with servo etc? Also I did break the neutral safety switch and had to install new one. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. ok thinking of going with bigger cam need advice here is what I have 2003 sss 4.10 awd trans is stock with billet servo no stall converter it has cai e-fans shorty headers(I know) no cats mangnflow muffler,tune ok I have a comp xr265hr 212/218 .522/.529 114lsa lunadi springs good for .660 I think and Harland sharp rollers I have had so many people tell me I went way too small with cam choice. I would say im 75%happy with it makes decent power I do wish it had a little lope but power comes first. I drive the truck a lot and do pull boat every now and then which is what kept me from going bigger in the first place didn't really want stall with towing. ok the question I was wondering would I gain enough to go with btr stage 2 or something similar keeping about same duration but going to like a .550 lift? I read zippys cam guide and its got me thinking I need bigger any input would be appreciated
  6. got a 03 with 68k bought a crane cam springs and stock length pushrods my question I am thinking of ordering some rocker arms with about a 400 budget in mind my question is if I buy a full roller like a crane rocker do they require a valve cover spacer and are they worth the extra money over just a trunion upgrade and will my stock length pushrods I ordered work need some help this will be my first ls cam swap done many sbc cams so not a complete rookie thanks
  7. have a 03 ss with 68k miles and about to put small cam in my question is should I put a aftermarket oil pump in it while I have it apart or leave the factory one in it any experience would be helpful
  8. 03 ss I am having a hard time finding the location and style of the exhaust tips would like to get it close to factory thanks
  9. I found my answer if anyone was curious you pin 55 and 41 41 is ground and enable egr on hptuners and you will be able to log without any switches or cutting any wires
  10. Hrobb256


    about to install a permanent wideband driver or passenger side seems like I read where the number 7 cylinder was prone to run lean and need to put it on driver side
  11. I am a newbie and have learned a lot over past few months I was too cheap to buy hp tuners pro and now I bought a wideband I know it can be logged through ac pressure but was wondering if anyone has done it through egr 03 ss I have no egr I have looked a little bit with no luck is it like the fans do I have pins ready for egr or wideband just plug and play?? if so what pins or where do I find my answer I just really don't want to hack into my ac so any help would be appreciated
  12. I have done many upgrades to my truck and wanting to do a cam but want to get a wideband up and running before I do would be running it through egr or ac really just looking for help on good mounting location and what to look out for when buying to run through egr thanks for help
  13. thanks I know it may be dumb questions but I know my stuff but was not a efi guy and to be honest I know I can do it but it is a lot to learn so any help is appreciated
  14. got a stock truck have purchased some electric fans from a newer model is there anywhere to buy stock relay harness or something oe quality I can make it work but would really like oe local junckyards want to sell me whole harness also what are the pro cons of running a 160 degree t stat I understand the concept but im looking for a reliable daily driver even though its not a daily driver any input would be nice thanks in advance
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