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  1. I have a 2005 AWD Silverado SS, I had to put it in storage as I had legal troubles, So I drove the truck from Boston to Sarasota Florida, put it in storage for TWO YEARS in the blazing hot florida sun and crazy rain storms. Two years go by and I finally was able to drive the truck again, mind you I hadn't seen or started it in two ****ing years. Needless to say I thought that I was going to run into a bunch of major problems. Nope. Started right up. Couldn't believe it. So I go to put it in drive...No pedal. All my brake lines had rotted out from being a new England truck its entire life. So I
  2. I tried to race a newer Malibu and got burnt so bad I had to turn down a random dirt road to stop looking at his tail lights lol
  3. I got roasted yesterday by a newer Malibu. I felt so ashamed I took a road I didn't have to go down just so I wouldn't be staring at his tail lights anymore
  4. Lost one in the snow, don't know where to find them, can't find em online. Am I better off buying a whole new bumper?? help me out please!!
  5. Wish I had seen this earlier. Did the meet ever happen?
  6. I was pulling out of Milton street when I saw ya sitting on the side of the road, I revved my motor, beeped my horn twice in hopes of getting your attention. Hope I got your attention but I had a line of traffic building behind me! anyone here from the north Shore boston area?
  7. I'd like to black it out with just my chrome rims to make those pop. The truck turns heads bone stock as is already. Maybe fog lights in the bumper scoops will be next...
  8. I just like that style. It's either black it out, or black n chrome it, and I'm not really a chrome kind of guy. I'm not calling it custom either, I just wanna play.
  9. has anybody else done this? blacked head lights, running lights, tail lights, plastidip the rims black... if anyone has (which I'm sure some have here) whats the best way to go about doing this? I want to do this but I want to do it right!
  10. So I guess like everything else in mass, setting up a meet is rocket science? Would love to get together with more sss owners
  11. bought an 05 SS with all wheel drive, moon roof, chrome 20s...love my truck. Don't love the people who are going to eventually cause me to crash. Someone cut in my lane the other day in the rain and slammed on the brakes...spun the truck, cracked one of my rims, lost the center cap...oooooh boy. I wish everyone loved this truck as much as i do!
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