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  1. Hi members need of help, I have a 03 sierra v6 which I did a v8 swap then I swap the interior harness to get power door locks and windows, got it working except the security like came on I ran the truck fine one day I started the truck and it shut off I taught it was the pump changed it out. It still won't start tried to the relearn key got light off but it still won't start, bought a alarm remote it locks and unlocks the truck but it won't start, any help please thanks.
  2. Hello members I have a 03 sierra did a v8 swap. I recently bought a under dash harness door harness ect. To do a power window door lock, was up late last night doing the swap but no power to windows ac don't work any help please thanks.
  3. Found one thanks guys he threw in the digital ac controls seats window harness and both window regulators for 300 so I would need to source a passenger air bag correct
  4. Thanks but to long I was looking something at a regular cab or ext cab
  5. Looking to buy the interior harness of a sss
  6. They won't work with the that bumper cover cause on the street scene is not as deep as the oem bumper the grill inserts sit further back on the oem to the bumper my friend just went with the same problem with his clone had the street scene bumper with the molded in brake ducts so he bought the oem bumper cover local for 120 and the brake ducts thru gmdirect.com for 230 for both here's the part number 89025754 RH 89025753 LH (intimidator) thanks zippy for part numbers
  7. ANY one selling a complete sss front bumper with grill and brake ducts with grills
  8. Sold bro guy by were I live was selling the whole cladding and rear bumper sold right away for 400 bucks someone bought and had back up for sale for 900 and sold it the next day see I put it up in case someone was interested I would have bought it and sold to a member on here
  9. Willing to buy the brake duct and bumper grill pieces thanks
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