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  1. link to offer up add, $12,000 obo https://offerup.co/LhJkdqV3Eab
  2. I think I ended up getting it fixed and secure. If something happens I'll see if it's still available. I'm actually not in WA anymore but will be back in a few months.
  3. Looking for a passenger side brake duct for a 2003 SS
  4. Kicking around doing LED hi and low headlight bulbs. Curious if anyone has done this and happy with them and kept them in the truck? What brands people have used or what ones to avoid if I do get some.
  5. Just don't have the time or tools at the moment and don't wanna pay someone to do it. It's been sitting a while so figured I'd sell it since it probably won't get installed.
  6. Selling a new and never installed Belltech front and rear sway bar kit. Box is open but was to look at it. They go for roughly $340 new if you don't get it from Belltech. 03-06 SS https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/131740949474
  7. What brand switch backs do you use? And how do you go about putting HIDs in your DRL area?
  8. Not sure if I've just had crappy luck with led bulbs but I can't get any that last. They all burn out single LEDs or whole rows and I've tried a handful of different types. Anyone have real good luck with any brand they recommend in white LEDs?
  9. What about additives? Seems like adding some or not adding some to the rear could be bad and I've seen posts about both.
  10. And that's for both front and rear diff? Is that what you use? I've tried to researched it a bit but seeing a handful of different weights. I've seen only use synthetic in the front.
  11. So I'm going to change my front and rear diff fluid and I've done this before and guessing it's strait forward just haven't owned an AWD vehicle so wasn't sure if anything was different besides the normal steps. My SS is a 2003 and I don't have the owners book. Anyone know the fluid amount and weight? And recommendations on brand? Anything I should keep my eyes open for while doing this?
  12. I have HID lights now and want to switch to LED lights possibly. I have a 2003 SS and have heard that the LED bulbs don't work well in some reflective type housing. Looking into the plasma glow kit.
  13. Yeah so you're talking about replacing the flasher relay. I didn't look if the back turn signals come on when I hit the brakes but I know the front 2 do for sure. I'll try a relay I guess. $35 dollar part online. But yeah like I said when I hooked this boat up the trailer had no lights at all. Not sure if it's my truck or the trailer since my friend just bought the boat and that's also the first thing I've hooked up to it. Just not familiar with wiring and wasn't sure if maybe hooking that up could have caused an issue some how.
  14. So my truck is being goofy electrical wise. I hit the brakes and my front turn signals light up. I haven't messed with anything lately. It did rain crazy hard yesterday and I did also tow a boat for my friend and when I plugged the boat in the trailer didn't have lights. Could be from my truck. I checked a few fuses that I thought might mess with it. Any ideas? Online says flasher relay possibly or bad ground some place.
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