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  1. where are you located? i have a stock muffler. fort wayne indiana
  2. is there a way to move the fender up or door back a little? when I open my drivers side door, the cladding makes contact with the fender and is damaging it. by the looks of the orange peel in the fender, it looks to be resprayed which leads me to think it's been in an accident.
  3. definitely following this post as I want to do the same in the future.
  4. looking to sell my great condition ARE bed cover. nothing wrong no scratches whatsoever and comes with 1 key. located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and asking $500. no shipping
  5. wanting to get red of the bed cover I have on the truck..do not want to ship but I can meet halfway if they are in the region. comes with key really looking for offers. so my price right now is $600 Obo
  6. I have the all red tails on my 2003 and the seal broke so I'm looking into the 2006 tails since I like the black edging around the light but I'm looking at eBay and it says 2003 is not compatible? thought these were just a drop in since they are the same? or is the wiring different..?
  7. ended up replacing the resistor and it fixed the problem. So glad to be having heat again in our 10 degree weather lol! need something the pull the slower car around
  8. have a 2003 silverado SS with the digital climate control. heat started not to blow out recently. none of the fan speeds work nor does the front defrost. any ideas?
  9. damn If you drop the price back down I'll come by this weekend and pick it up!! I've been looking for one just like this and missed out on the last one a couple of weeks ago. Let me know if it still is up for sale. I am a serious buyer
  10. yea I decided not to take the trip up there for it. I just noticed today it has a brake adjuster for towing. I don't like to buy trucks with that already installed lol. welp the search goes on I guess If anyone sees a deal for a black SSS, send me a PM
  11. thanks they are asking 17,500 for it
  12. thanks all. well I kinda found another one http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=46835&endYear=2015&vehicleStyleCodes=TRUCKS&modelCode1=CHEV150&sortBy=bestmatchb&showcaseOwnerId=44725402&startYear=1981&makeCode1=CHEV&listingType=used&listingTypes=used&firstRecord=26&searchRadius=0&showcaseListingId=377949736&mmt=[CHEV[CHEV150[CHEV150%257CSS]][]]&listingId=331721080&Log=0 except I don't like the ground effects, the mud flaps and the carpeted bed. With it being an Iowa car I asked to see pics of the under body here is what he sent what do you guys think?
  13. well deal I guess went south got back online tonight after work and glanced at the autotrader ad and it ended up being sold!!!!! I''m so mad, that truck was so clean lol! someone got a good deal. guess I'll be on the lookout again. here was the truck http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=46835&endYear=2006&vehicleStyleCodes=TRUCKS&modelCode1=CHEV150&sortBy=bestmatchb&showcaseOwnerId=44725402&startYear=2003&makeCode1=CHEV&searchRadius=300&mmt=[CHEV[CHEV150[CHEV150%257CSS]][]]&listingId=379192455&Log=0
  14. I live up in Indiana so its pretty rare that an '03 has a body like this one it was defiantly taken care of. Test drove it today and it drove so nice. It did make some type of noise when turning but it wasn't it clunk or grinding noise it kinda sounded like just old brake rotors getting cleaned from sitting out so long. It only did it for a couple of turns. Going to the bank tomorrow to get the loan then hopefully bring it back Wednesday. thanks for the replies.
  15. I'm going to look at this silverado ss tomorrow and need tips on anything really to specifically look at before I buy the truck. The truck is a 2003 with 62k miles. I went to go look at it while they were closed and the truck is very clean. little to no surface rust on the undercariage and the interior looks to be in good condition. I heard things to look out for is while taking a turn to see if there is like a clunk or grinding noise? If I hear the noise would it be a good idea to not buy the truck or is it a simple fix? anything else?
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