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  1. Good kill... I have driven one - the redline was actually 9k. It was a blast to drive (when you are beating the crap out of it) otherwise its like nothing special. The gearing is very close and does keep you in the powerband. I think the mag's claimed a 13.9 - I have seen stock ones run 14.2's. Anyway... get caught in the wrong gear or bog off the line and it is all over - and probably would take till 90-100 to get it back. That would be great on video - would love to see that guys face, lol.
  2. ls1tech - that is a great site - I will do a search over there also... thanks...
  3. To me, that seems like a lot to pick up by tuning - unless GM deliberatly used a conservative tune on the earlier ones... ... also I noticed that the early rating of 255 for the 4.8 was at 5200 - the 285 rating was at 5600. That makes me think cam or intake manifold changes... LOL, maybe I am too used to imports (30 seems huge for factory tuning) - I suppose on a 300 horse engine a gain of 30 is only 10% so maybe it was more agressive tuning...
  4. Not a 6.0 SS question but, as far as I know in 03 the 4.8's and 5.3's were upped by about 30 horse. I think the 4.8 went from 255 to 285. Wondered if this was due to a mild head redesign, bump in compression, or a simple cam change? Just wondered as I may be picking up a 99 4.8. Thanks.
  5. ROFLMAO! Nice addition to my bookmarks
  6. Thanks again for being open minded about the Honda thing. I drove the truck and trailer from the show to the hotel - pulled great. No sway, even though I think we had too much weight on the tongue. Any fixes without touching the stock springs? I was thinking a weight distributing hitch?
  7. Thanks Yeah, my dad had a 96 GS. In my opinion, Chevy really needs to step things up more with cars like that. They did great with the SS and ZO6 Vette - things like the S-10 Xtreme, however make a bad image - looked good but they could have did a little something to the 4.3 for a more complete package like the 5.9 R/T Anyway I figured it would be "respectful" to copy the GS as long as the car ran good. I bought the car for $1000, it was white and had ~250,000 miles. I did the common Acura GSR swap (1.8L 170 hp) and it ran consistent 14.4's That was not enough to paint it though. Threw
  8. LOL, I know I know... The turbo makes up for it from 5k - 9k, but get caught bogging of the line waiting to spool - and you could get beat by a school bus.
  9. Met my parents at a show in Michigan this past weekend, took some pics while driving back...
  10. Wait a minute... in my defense, just because my fastest car is a Honda (which was built in OHIO) - that does not mean I am not a fan of American stuff. I am still not sure how it happened though. Dont get the wrong idea of me - Its a Honda, but it does not sound like a fart machine, it does not have stickers all over, and it actually runs (12.9 @ 114 street tires 2.2 60' and 9 psi untuned). The car is apart with a major refit bought a Dart block wanna run REAL boost this year... Yeah, I know... what does it weigh - 2480#'s but in defense its only a 1.8 liter. I just sold an S-10 and I am selli
  11. Just got it back from the shop... I am posting for my parents (ginnie ss) they are having Internet problems... Here it is I Believe it is a Goodmark. It is steel and I think the frame is taken from the factory production hood (fits great). Also less prep time compared to most fiberglass hoods.
  12. BigTex, 6psi from one compressor is NOT the same as 6psi from another. It is much, much more involved than that... I believe that the radix uses an eaton M112 Compressor (I could be wrong), here is a link to some compressor maps from eaton http://www.automotive.eaton.com/product/en...trols/M112.html As a rule of thumb when reading Turbo compressor maps, every 10 lbs/min is about 100 Hp... but the eaton map is in cfm to convert, divide by .069. So our CFM needed is ~724 assuming a Radix on an SS makes say, 500 crank hp (just a guess). Looking at the map, the M112 turning 12000 rpm wil
  13. I called them Saturday and was told it is in development. He said only MINOR modifications were needed. The man I spoke with is supposed to get back with me tomorrow for more information. I was told that only the Y pipe was slightly different and if we did not want to wait for the new kit we could easily use the 5.3 kit with a trip to a muffler shop. He also said that both kits will use the same turbo. I should have more info tomorrow...
  14. I hunted down that magazine. It turns out the truck went from 17.2 to 14.7 with only 6 psi. Also the elevation of the track was a claimed 4500 ft above sea level.
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