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  1. Very nice! Sharp truck, I like that concrete color too.
  2. Haven't purchased yet. But I'm looking for a '12-15, after they did the facelift but still with the 4.0 v6. I heard the new ones are weak on power and the trans is constantly searching. Plus I don't like the new front end they put on them. Another positive side to the older 4.0 v6's is theres a company that's been making very competent, bolt-on, fully tuned blowers for them for years.
  3. I'm pretty sure I see you cruising around from time to time. If you see someone wave in the future out of a blue mk4 Supra or a white Tacoma it's me
  4. Thanks guys. I was able to argue the value up to 10,700 with CCC1. The biggest thing that helped was having pictures, and showing receipts and work done to try and prove better value than "average private". Once they came up to "dealer retail" on a few line items that really helped. As of now the 'average mileage' is 170K, so if yours is under this that will help out a lot too.
  5. Geico is using CCC1 too. I'll attach the report to this thread for now, let me know what you see? It does seem to be taking the SS into account... I'm mad at how little they're giving me for the updated suspension, brakes, and wheels that were on it. I easily could convince a dealer to pay more for the truck with these things on it...more than a few hundred for everything, I'm sure. This CCC1 company is BS. I did get them to come up a bit on the condition with the pictures I added to the claim. So base value is up around 8700 now, but I know the condition of the truck inside and out would be "dealer retail". This is apparently the only step above "average private", but I bought it at a dealer in a HELL of a lot worse condition. I know they would just flip this truck without even noticing the exhaust needed replacing. Which was about the only problem with it. Yeah, I honestly might have avoided buying one if I knew about Houston, but I'm from FL and never lived in TX. Didn't know how much business there was in stolen trucks here. I'm getting something that flies way lower on the radar of the degenerate folk who are out to build 'clones' and all that sh*t. Getting a Tacoma then going to supercharge it and just have a sleeper daily. I gave up on getting the SS back. I would definitely recommend some antitheft, but even better, GPS tracking. I want to catch the next thief that tries to pull one on me. I had my phone and wallet stolen earlier this year. The tacoma will be used as a guinea pig for the aftermarket alarm and GPS tracking. If I like how it goes, I will let them install one in my Supra. I will HAVE to recover that if it gets stolen, I would never even find another one like it. Wow, that is a good valuation just for the z71. EST-TOTALLOSS--9881-81-02-23-2017-17-12-19 (1).pdf
  6. Hey everyone - so my SS was stolen out of my driveway a week and a half ago. Had a hell of a time with Onstar and now insurance is trying to lowball me. First off, if you happen to spot it, let me know, but I REALLY doubt it. Black 2003, dark tint, soft tonneau, TX2K15 sticker on rear window, exhaust, clear corner headlight housings, HIDs, 22" chrome reps. Secondly - Has anybody gone through trying to value our trucks to insurance and had them come up on their appraisal? I have been giving them all sorts of receipts for the mods and extended maintenance I did that *should* actually add value but they're barely giving me squat for it all. So far like 250 bucks for almost 7K in parts/labor. Also been sending them lots of pics to try and prove it was definitely not "average private value". Thirdly - If you're in TX and have recently bought, sold, or traded in your SS with a dealer I'd be interested to hear what you got. Your transaction might help me get at least 10K for my truck, they're trying to offer me 8500. It had 150K on it, but I think it had way more value than that. I would have happily bought that truck for 12.5K. I bought it for 12.2K without a single mod and it needed tires. Thanks everyone.
  7. oh wow, surprised I didn't find that in all my googling. I will definitely keep the ARP hardware in mind. Once I have the extra cash I'd like to go in and do CAI, LTs, a real exhaust, and a tune. I'll add the header bolts onto that plan for sure. Thanks for yalls help once again. Hopefully others find this thread worthwhile
  8. I used these: http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=5789562&cc=1412042&jsn=10431
  9. Good point. The replacements that came looked to be pretty stout and the heads were 12mm instead of 10. No wonder they're always snapping off if the torque spec takes them close to failure....Although wouldn't be the first thing that's designed to start falling apart once the warranty expires, that's basically an engineer's job in a lot of industries.
  10. Well, decided to save myself the cost and do it on my own. I would have been completely done in about 1.5 hours if it wasn't for the broken studs. It's a pretty simple job once you take out the fender liners. The passenger side is a breeze and the firewall bolt on the driver side can be had at if you have a swivel and about 2 feet of extensions. Two studs were broken though, unfortunately the two furthest against the firewall on driver side where I was hearing the ticking from. I was able to get one out with vice grips (they both snapped right at the bolt head so there was some sticking out), but the other twisted off flush when I tried it the same way. That's where the real fun started. My exhaust is super rusty, so wasn't able to separate the cats, or get all the bolts to pull the manifold off completely. Had to wedge bricks against the driveshaft to bend the exhaust enough out of the way, then call my friend over who had a welder. Took us 4 or 5 tries, but finally we got a good weld on it and it backed out pretty easy. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that the bolts weren't anymore seized and that only 2 broke and 1 came out with vice grips... still. took around 6 or 7 hours because of all that to finally get the truck buttoned up. That was with the help of my friend too. Going to hope it holds, we'll see after a few heat cycles. 18 lbft seems really weak for a torque spec on mani bolts, I set them at 20. Anyway thanks for chiming in everyone and helping diagnose that. Total cost was about 30 bucks with shipping, and half a day.
  11. quotes for labor coming in around 350 to do gaskets.... some say contingent on there being none broken off
  12. http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2003,silverado+1500,6.0l+v8,1412042,exhaust,exhaust+manifold+gasket,5400?a=Referer+www.google.com+URL+%2F Every other picture shows both gaskets for the same price as ACDelco, but ACDelco only shows one. If I order the ACDelco, do I need two of these PNs? I am gonna do gaskets and bolts on both sides, might as well.
  13. lol, I was starting to think someone had the truck rebuilt at a chopshop and washed the title, that's good to know, I have way more metric tools.... Didn't know all the american makers were also metric, never owned one or worked on one lol. I bought tool sets with both cause I thought the truck would be standard Thanks for the budget friendly tip. Considering I dont really have the time that it seems it will take to take off/break/weld nuts onto broken shanks, etc, I'll probably just take new gaskets and a fresh bolt set to a shop.. hahahah, that's "lucky".... no thanks. appreciate the input everyone. I'll followup once I have this done somewhere.
  14. So I got a good look at it today and brought along a stethoscope. Good news is I didn't hear any ticking through the stethoscope from the heads or anywhere else, there was a slight howling sound but I think that was just belt/wind/fluid noise being transferred in. Also, I now can see that I am definitely missing one of the manifold bolts, and it looks like there's a slight mark of blow-by right above it. The way it looks, it could also be from coincidental dirty fluid draining down from up top to the same spot...but I'm pretty sure it's blow-by. So assuming its an exhuast leak...few considerations: - Everything has a very rusty/seized look to it. - I may also have a small hairline crack in the manifold too but not where the exhaust leak seems to be coming from, it could also just be a rust layer flaking off. - Should I just replace everything from headers back? Would be substantially easier to do this work with all new components. However, I really don't want to sink 2000+ into the truck, I have some other big purchases coming up soon and I should be saving. - Will OEM replacements cost me what aftermarket will? - How much of a PITA is it to remove an old rusty exhaust on these trucks? It seems I'd have a nearly impossible time reaching in there around the brake booster and steering shaft to break those bolts loose. I can't fathom how you get the one against the firewall. Not to mention the remainder of the system. - Are these header bolts supposed to be 10mm? I've found a ton of metric stuff in my engine bay so far (unless this is OEM?), and these seem way small and out of place to be header bolts. Ideally, I just want it to get fixed in an easy way without breaking the bank. Which may involve taking parts over to a cheap exhaust shop and letting them handle the work of removing/installation? What's your guys' thoughts
  15. Oh, wow. speaking of miscommunications! I had no idea why you were offering that up but, yeah, I see what you mean.
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