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  1. i want to use the deca 80# injectors. Do they plug and play or do I need to get something else to go with them?
  2. There is only one gas station that sells it in my city and I work out of town. So it's not worth it to me.
  3. What would be the benefits of running both. Instead of just meth?
  4. just a quick question. would i be alright to not run a intercooler and just run water/meth instead? on a procharger p1sc 10-12 psi
  5. I am buying a procharger p1sc tomorrow. it has the 99-03 mounting hardware. i have an 03 ss will that bracket match up right? and any recommendations on injectors and fuel pump. im looking to run 10 psi
  6. swartz153

    03 ss

    I ran 14.5's before the stall trans and cutouts.
  7. swartz153

    03 ss

    i have CAI LT's cutouts 3200stall corvette servo hd2 shift kit and a rebuilt trans haven't even drove it yet. also tuned by blackbear. can anyone guess what i will run at the track. the track is 1200 ft above sea level
  8. I've been looking for chrome wheels. I have silver ones. One of mine has a small spot of rash. I'm located in Kentucky.
  9. Anyone going to be at the drag strip in London on July 26?
  10. swartz153

    Grudge wars

    they lined me up with other trucks all night long.
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