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  1. SilvySS

    F'n Majestic...

    Well thank you. She has never touched snow or salt and I'm not gonna start now !!!
  2. SilvySS

    F'n Majestic...

    I moved mine from the shop to my garage at home with the flat bed so it didn't touch the salt or snow !!
  3. SilvySS

    2015 Silverado SS Calendar

    Hopefully mines not to late!!
  4. SilvySS

    Lowering kit questions

    I have searched all the posts and I still have some questions. I have an 03 awd, and my questions are if I go 3 inches in the front will it damage my cv axels? And in the rear I want to go the full 4 inches will that throw off my driveline at all? The kit I'm looking at is from NorCal it's the one for 735 has anyone else bought this, and if so how do you like it and could you post some pics for me ? Also I may just go 2 inches in the front and 4 in the back. I like the raked look and if anyone has done that could you post some pics as well. Thanks everyone and happy thanksgiving !!!
  5. SilvySS

    Starting issue when warm

    Thank you for moving it, I was hoping someone would my bad!! It is a 2003 with 81950 miles, and I did replace the fuel filter with no luck still ! also replaced FPR, Im just stumped!
  6. SilvySS

    Just got my SS, also a newbie!!

    they are eagle alloys
  7. SilvySS

    Just got my SS, also a newbie!!

    I will look when i get to the shop tonight!
  8. SilvySS

    Just got my SS, also a newbie!!

    hey now thats just what I was told sounded legit at the time!!
  9. SilvySS

    Starting issue when warm

    no I haven't I'm not having any performance issues no rough running avg 14.3 mpg in town, just cranks over 4-8 times when it's between running temp and cold
  10. SilvySS

    Heavy TLC!

    I don't work there but I always am there!! Haha
  11. SilvySS

    Just got my SS, also a newbie!!

    could you point me in his direction? I'm new to these forums !!
  12. SilvySS

    Starting issue when warm

    I just put new plugs in not that long ago. I'm stumped I thought it was my regulator too changed it still has the issue I'm stumped!!
  13. SilvySS

    Heavy TLC!

    I have a big custom auto sticker in the back window there's some pics right below this post, I'd ad some on here but I'm on my iPad. Is that your camaro I always see parked at dsc?? I love it !!!!