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  1. I just found out there is a column bearing that has been known to cause the bump issue, has anyone else replaced one or is it mainly the shaft?
  2. I'll have to respectfully disagree with that. Since Ive owned the truck Ive had the dealer lube it twice and each time it would stop for about a year. This time im looking to do it myself. Your saying that's not the case, then what could they have done to quell the bump? Where is the best place to purchase the intermediate shaft from? Didn't GM have a recall or TSB about this issue? Thanks
  3. If that is where the bump is coming from then yes..
  4. Hello all, My steering "bump" is starting to come back again after the dealer re-lubed it last year. I tried searching but I couldn't find what grease is needed to re-lube the knuckle. I would rather do it myself than have the dealer do it again. Thank you!
  5. I bought Royal Purple 5w30 but haven't had time to change it yet..
  6. I know the newer more efficient engines use the new 0w20 oil. Honestly I was curious if I could as well. If I can't im not worried about it. I'll just buy 5w30 RP and be done with it. Interesting, GM does not run synthetic in the engine but they run synthetic gear and trans oil..
  7. I agree. That being said I have always run Casterol Syntec since I bought the truck. Would the older LQ9 engine work properly using the thinner oil 0w20??
  8. Hey all, I have an oil change coming up and I want to know if I can run the newer 0w 20 oil in the SS. If not I plan on changing from Casterol Syntec to Royal Purple. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Hey all, im looking to buy some ARH long tubes. Preferably with Cats Thanks
  10. Wah wah.. That would have looked so nice too!
  11. And by console you mean the entire center console??
  12. Jump seat console? Is there a padded one beside that one?
  13. Hey, Anyone know if the padded center console lids work in the SS? I'd love to have this http://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-2006-Chevy-GMC-Cadillac-Gray-Black-Center-Console-Lid-Kit-New-Free-Shipping-/391173478493?fits=Make%3AGMC%7CSubmodel%3ADenali Thanks
  14. I probably could. I did find this http://www.autoanything.com/bed-caps-rails/stampede-rail-topz-tailgate-cap
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