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  1. i have a whole set, but don't really want to separate selling it for $1200 then you can sell the rest
  2. Hey so i did most of the led conversions on all of the switches and cluster etc on my Silverado and Suburban, they look awesome, i did something different for the headlight switch i mounted an led on the end of the original bulb, i just cute the bulb off, and it worked. all went well until i went to do the heater which i shouldn't have done as it turned to shit, as you will see in the photos pulling off the turn dials for the temp control damaged the slidding track. don't know if ill be able to fix this or not. im trying to find a way to fix it as don't want to buy a new heater control
  3. Hit up Jonny Peters on Facebook he's got about 10 being made as we speak. this is an older post but hes only doing the brushed aluminum ones this time round, I gave up on the shopman ones a long time ago.
  4. I might have a good at one of my headlight switches over the weekend. I found the cluster pretty simple to do. I’ll keep you updated on my headlight switch then
  5. looking for the rear bumper step pad and maybe lower step pad if anyone has one laying around, even if you have one with broken tabs etc hit me up as anything is better than nothing. Cheers
  6. Hey so i got all my lights done in al l the cluster and wheel etc, but having trouble finding the correct one for the headlight switch, could you help me with the links for the led i need to buy for that. thanks
  7. i might buy some of these also, the ones i brought re mounted to a base so it makes them hard to mount, have you replaced the bulbs for leds in the steering wheel controls also but i see those are tiny, have you done them, do you know which ones are best for them?
  8. I just brought the leds off eBay cheaper that way also
  9. Im in the middle of doing mine takes a lot of time unsoldering, they must be polarity sensitive as iv'e had to unsolder some of them just haven't put them back on. Tomorrows job
  10. i am meant to be on that list i have been talking to Harley on facebook but i cant have been added i am after one
  11. i have some a-pillars and have the bose speaker grilles for the doors if you need anything
  12. got any, cladding, rear bumper, dash insert, driver seat?
  13. As title says im looking for a factory rear bumper cover in Black would be even better, i don't need any of the kick panels just the plastic cover it self and maybe if anyone has changed out there exhaust i just need the pipe from the back of the muffler to the tail pipe as mine is dented. hope someone can help. and shipping to 93313 would be awesome as well. thanks
  14. been a while since i have put an update up. plans did change and i didnt end up shipping the truck out to New Zealand, the single cab made it but i have the SS in storage for the time being i have recently been over to the US and finally got to see the SS for the first time, man there has been a lot of damge done from the salvage yard, the exhaust is toast, the forks have gone right through the tail pipe, i had to swap out the transfer case as it was making a huge crunching noise, i had to replace one of the rear struts as a forklift had damaged one of them as well, plus i had to sort out the alarm as the guys that had stollen it had made a huge mess of it, but im happy where its at now just need to get my self a new rear bumper cover and have the front one repaired and painted and she will be an awesome truck again here is a picture i took of her in a parking lot before i left
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