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  1. I'm thinking about swapping out my belt driven fan with an electric fan, and maybe going with a low profile radiator. I assume that I will need to change to a smaller belt since I the electric fan won't have a pully, anyone know what size belt I would need to go with? Any recommendations on the brands that seem to work well? Thanks.
  2. I want to bring this thread back to life.. I am also in Houston and would like to have someone install the shift kit, servo and trans cooler. I'm some what mechanically inclined, is it something I can do easily? Or should I take it to someone, and if so then who?
  3. You bought the wrong part number. Pn 57-3023-1 is the one I bought, and I have the '03.
  4. Sorry, somehow I posted this twice..
  5. Looking into installing some projector lights on my truck. Have any of you used these before? Share some pics if you got them. Just want to see what they look like installed.. Take a look at the ones I'm checking out... http://www.carid.com/2003-chevy-silverado-headlights/ipcw-halo-projector-headlights-262246.html
  6. Yeah, I want a live tune. Just in case there are issues I want to be able to go to the guys shop so he can help me troubleshoot the problems. I think I'm gonna check out Flaco in Houston, I'll let you guys know the results! I appreciate the input guys.
  7. Thanks, I've never heard of Zippy. I had previously heard Chucks Tuning is really good, but recently have seen that several people are having issues with him. Anyone have experience using Flaco in Houston?
  8. Yeah that's what I thought, he didn't even look at my truck. I keep up with all regular maintenance on the truck and realize there is a chance something may give if I mod it, but it's my damn truck. LMR = Late Model Racecraft according to their website... I think it really stands for Licking Mens Rearends
  9. I own a 2003 SS with 200k miles, and recently tried contacting LMR to get a tune. They told me my truck has too many miles and wouldn't be interested in working on my truck. Anyone know of a good shop in Houston I can go to? I want to put some work into the truck restoring it and want to make sure the work is done right. My plan right now is to put CAI, Shift Kit, and Corvette Servo as I've read here that those are good initial upgrades. I'm not trying to do anything too crazy, I just want to keep my truck running good. Also, if anyone has experience with a good body shop in town, I'd like to get it repainted and have some interior work done. I appreciate it.
  10. I own a 2003 Silverado SS, everything is currently stock. I have 186k miles on it and I'm looking to get this baby FAST. I'm debating on putting a supercharger on the 6.0 and getting it tuned, but I'm concerned about what it would do to the motor with this many miles on it. The other option was replacing the motor with an LS1 or LT1. Also, I live in Houston and was planning on using Trickin Trucks for the rebuild, anyone have any experience with them? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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