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  1. Dudes got a rare one there haha
  2. Zippy thanks for the info, I'm gonna run it after the paint work is done, get it out on the road and check it out, if it acts funny or doesn't run right I think ill do what your talking about and delete it, hopefully won't have to but no biggie if I do, I love doing extra work I didn't plan on lmao, thanks for the info tho, also I wanted to ask you something? Do you tune SS trucks, I could be wrong but I thought I saw some peeps saying you could, at least I'm pretty sure I did lol, anyway, if so I've got an 04 SS, that I might need some tuning on after it's finished, thanks again for the info!
  3. How could a dude not love a chic that drives an SS?, and being smokin hot doesn't hurt either lol
  4. Update, got everything hooked back up and no engine light or codes, thank god lol
  5. Thanks for ur input guys, I wasn't thinking but I had 2 more trucks here with the same set up, so I went under and unplugged one on a 2012 and it ran perfect without it, so I put this one back together this morning and it fired right up and ran excellent,there's a chance it could throw a light but I can't tell right now cause I have all the O2s unplugged, but after I get it all back together ill chime back in on the light, thanks everyone for your quick response, very appreciated!
  6. Ok, I'm putting a 2013 5.3 engine in a 2008 Silverado, I'm using the 08 silvy harness because the 13 was bad, everything going together perfect till I plugged in the crank sensor, the 13 engine has what looks like vvt, it has an extra tiny plug in that my 08 harness does not have, how can I get around this, I'm thinking maybe change cams and timing cover? Will this work or is there an easier way? Does it have to have that can sensor plugged in to run correctly or?? Please any info will be appreciated
  7. Thanks guys!! Glad to be here!
  8. Maggie as in magnason! Right?
  9. I know this is prob a dumb question, but I'm not use to LS lingo lol, 2 questions actually, what kind of intake is this TSBB Intake you guys are swapping to, and what is a Maggie I keep seeing on here? Lmao sorry guys, I'm a converted stang man lol
  10. Hey guys if someone did the 80e swap how would you know it? Any numbers or tags or? I purchased my truck used and entend on giving it some track duty so I'd like to know if I need to be watching for a back up 80e after I kill this 65 lol
  11. Sorry for the delay, I'm bout 40 mins east of Lexington, 5 mins from clay city, (jeffersonville)
  12. Hahaha thanks for not holding the ford thing against me lol, I admit that for most of my life it's been stangs only pretty much, my fastes were 08,07 gt500s and one 10 anni terminator, and one azure blue mach, but my dad is a hard chevy man, he use to race the 396/375 vells back in the day, what one me over on the LS motors was the sound they make at the strip, hearing those babies bouncing off the rev limiter heating the tires could not be overlooked lol, plus we build a lot of 08 up silvys now and I ended up with a 2008 327 with the 243 heads I'm gonna build and put in somthing, I have a rcs
  13. What's up folks? Glad to be here, I'm from Kentucky, love fast machines, been building mustangs most of my life but kinda fell in love with these LS engines, I've owned around 50 different stangs (restore wrecked vehicles) lol, and I've owned prob bout 20+ silvys, I currently own my first SS, love it so far, looking forward to building it pretty hard, anyway thanks and glad to be here!
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