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  1. I would say start with the simple things like: spark plugs and wires check those first and if you have cat make sure they are not clogged.. Has it stall out before this?
  2. ???? Was it rainning when this happen are a few days before this happen? I had this happen to me two times first it was my Xlink getting water on it from a heavy rain.. lol second finding out my TB was dirty with oil so after installing the catch can haven’t had no problem.
  3. Damn Nice job! She's a beast....
  4. "Master Lock" sells a tail gate lock I have one on my truck.. works good and I found it at Home Depot
  5. I thought the same thing....It also could be the wrong SC mount for these truck...
  6. Okay I got you now. So your not using the original alternator bracket from what your saying... then you might have to go with the dirty dingo bracket...
  7. So the problem is that your manifold is coming too close to the alternator
  8. I would go 3" It's will flow A little better.
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