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  1. *LB*Intimidator06

    Dreaded reduced engine power got me today.

    I would say start with the simple things like: spark plugs and wires check those first and if you have cat make sure they are not clogged.. Has it stall out before this?
  2. *LB*Intimidator06

    Dreaded reduced engine power got me today.

    ???? Was it rainning when this happen are a few days before this happen? I had this happen to me two times first it was my Xlink getting water on it from a heavy rain.. lol second finding out my TB was dirty with oil so after installing the catch can haven’t had no problem.
  3. *LB*Intimidator06

    Front Strut Bar

    Looks nice
  4. *LB*Intimidator06

    Anyone here have a Beltec rear sway bar?

    Check out DJM sway bar
  5. *LB*Intimidator06

    Intimidator SS

    Damn those are some clean trucks...
  6. *LB*Intimidator06

    06 Intimidator SS value?

    Nice truck.....
  7. *LB*Intimidator06

    Supporting Member

    $25 for what? Lol
  8. *LB*Intimidator06

    10.83 @ 127

    Damn Nice job! She's a beast....
  9. *LB*Intimidator06

    Looking for a tailgate lock

    "Master Lock" sells a tail gate lock I have one on my truck.. works good and I found it at Home Depot
  10. *LB*Intimidator06

    Need help w Fast LSXR manifold and Vortech V1

    I thought the same thing....It also could be the wrong SC mount for these truck...
  11. *LB*Intimidator06

    Need help w Fast LSXR manifold and Vortech V1

    Okay I got you now. So your not using the original alternator bracket from what your saying... then you might have to go with the dirty dingo bracket...
  12. *LB*Intimidator06

    Need help w Fast LSXR manifold and Vortech V1

    So the problem is that your manifold is coming too close to the alternator
  13. *LB*Intimidator06

    passenger side catalytic converter gone

    Straight pipe it... lol
  14. *LB*Intimidator06

    Best Exhaust Setup?

    I would go 3" It's will flow A little better.
  15. *LB*Intimidator06

    Best Exhaust Setup?

    You would want to go with the 3"