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  1. One was on my truck when I bought it. Didn't realize it wasn't how they came stock for a long time. No idea where it came from.
  2. I like my weathertechs but the drivers one won't stay put. The hook that is supposed to hold it didn't work worth a crap IMO
  3. I was wrong about mine, the rear cover came from eBay, my front is from keystone, ordered thru a local body shop. Still I'm pretty sure it was under $400.
  4. After seeing the price on them from gm my pad got a roll of 3m 2 sided tape used with adhesion promoter pads. Worked good but I think if it ever had to come off the pad will break before the tape gives up.
  5. They are the same but just a word of advice be cautious of the cheaper sets of eBay/amazon clear lens headlights. If you can look closely at them some have the low beam reflector made differently and the chrome reflector in the back have fewer ridges to difuse light causing lower output. Haven't been pleased with the function of mine but they do look really good. If I hadn't had one damaged I would have just cleaned the stock ones up and reused them.
  6. Bought on off eBay last year, turned out great for me. It was half of what one was from gm and it actually fit up really well.
  7. I did mine, cut into the green/white and brown/white wites out of the xm module behind the glove box and soldered them to a jack that I put in the top dash pocket beside the lighter socket. It works really well, just make sure to ground it well or you will have issues with it.
  8. I bought putcos and they wouldn't fit as said, not enough clearance. I ordered some from jdm off amazon with copper braids on the back for cooling, they fit but aren't quite as bright as I hoped. They have cree chips, and look identical to the comparable putcos but 100 cheaper per pair
  9. Was this the only issue you had? I ordered some from Amazon and hate them. Both headlights have the bulb sockets so loose they vibrate and rotate in the sockets. Both adjusters stripped out and the lights keep pointing all the way down. I am asking because I was about to order from protuninglabs.....
  10. Well, I just ordered a pretty good sized pile of parts to do this upgrade. I went with two separate rotor/pad kits from power stop, stainless braided lines, and am picking up tahoe calipers for the front. The stock rotors on my truck were shot and one of the front calipers started sticking some so I figured it was a good time to do it. I will try to post some pics and a parts/price list if anyone is interested.
  11. I just put a set of Toyo Open Country H/T's on my truck and had two snows that were over 14" deep, I was extremely surprised. By far the best vehicle I've ever owned for snow/ice over any of the 4x4's I've owned. I work for Toyo and get an employee discount so that was the obvious choice for me, but knew someone running Michelin's in the past that had great luck out of them.
  12. http://nashville.craigslist.org/pts/4920532751.html Not too bad of a drive from St. Louis, just saw these posted this morning.
  13. Thanks bassmaster, that is exactly what I wanted to see. My truck has the same hood and I am ordering the same lights since mine have seen better days so it's a huge help. Tony, I plan on being in touch when warmer days roll around.
  14. Had this issue myself, odds are the bearing is the problem. A sensor was $50, bearing with the sensor was $110 and it only takes a few more minutes to change when you are that far into it.
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