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  1. I am in the middle of switching over to the Holley EFI Dominator. With a 72BB Turbo, Fully built block, ALKY injection, and a 4L80E swap it should be around 750-800hp and 900tq. It still looks 100% stock inside with the exception of the Holley Digital Dash in place of the factory radio. Don't forget its still AWD. 9's on street tires and pump gas.
  2. Thanks guys. My other truck is a 800hp 4.3 V6 AWD Syclone. I am currently installing the Holley EFI Dominator system.
  3. Just a pic of my 03 Silverado SS. Stainless SuperMaxx headers, Stainless Magnaflow dual cat back, Monster trans, CAI, HP Tuners, TBSS owners store drop kit not installed yet.
  4. Thanks L8ERBRO, I just ordered the Dynatech Supermaxx No Cats = 715-84230 and Magnaflow dual 15840 kit. Should sound great. I have a basic cold air kit and a mildly built trans with a 2300 stall. Nothing crazy. I would like to have a nice lope sound though and have been thinking about adding a cam/springs package. I do have a TSP 224R cam sitting here on the shelf I was going to use for another project. Thanks Will
  5. Anyone able to send me a link to where I can buy everything I need to bolt on a complete exhaust package including Headers, mid pipe, and cat back? I will go with either Catted or Cat less. I don't care. I just need a complete exhaust from the header flanges to the tail pipe tips. Single or dual. I do want them to exit at the back after the rear wheels somewhere. I have a mildly built trans, 2300 stall, and CAI. Thats it. I have HP Tuners and paid for the 2 credits to make changes to the truck already so I can turn off the 2nd O2 sensors if need be. I have a TSP 228R cam sitting here I could stick in just for giggles if need be. Thank You, Will
  6. Need Complete Bolt on exhaust

    1. SS&Sierra_84


      I have a comple exhaust system an tip...message me

    2. SS&Sierra_84
  7. Looking for a complete 2003 interior wiring harness. Anyone parting one out or know of anyone that is? I tried calling GM but they no longer make one for sale. I have an 03 AWD with manual Heat/AC if that helps. Top $$$ paid for a good uncut harness. Thanks Will
  8. I believe it is: GM Part # 19120553 Well, I do not have a gaylord speedster bed cover but how much cash would you take for it shipped to me in Louisville, KY 40206? Thanks Will
  9. I have the factory silver and have been looking to switch to the factory chrome wheels.
  10. Looking for a SS Intimidator wing. I have read to many stories about the fiberglass ones so I would like an OEM if at all possible. If you have one or know of one for sale somewhere can you please let me know. Thank You Will
  11. My shop is off Bishops lane. 4603 Astor Rd to be exact. Its really just a big toy box LOL I run my arcade business out of there. http://www.custommulticades.com Will
  12. Can you give me a link to where you bought it all or part numbers so I can make sure I get all the right parts? Thanks
  13. I just checked them out and the headers he linked he also linked to them at summit racing. It shows 07+ silverado 2wd and 4wd. Are you sure they will fit the 03 AWD SS? Its not on the list. Thanks
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