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  1. Moving on and ready to sell the truck. McGaughy's parts for the drop, all factory suspension components included. Tires replaced 2k miles ago. Sent the dash down to gmgaugeguy to have the gauges fixed and blue leds installed 2 years ago. Truck is my personal vehicle, owned for the last 5 years. Located in Billings, MT. Will only deliver if I'm picking up a vehicle where you're at. 169k miles, $10,500. Any questions please ask. Not looking for trades, but may consider an S2k+cash on my end, hayabusa + cash on your end, or a 67 impala 4door depending on condition.
  2. "send offers" *lists no useful information about the vehicle* I offer $7 + shipping. Offer will rise once I have confirmed that there is a truck being sold
  3. I need the driver's size brake duct. Any chance you still have it?
  4. I'll take it. PM me your paypal
  5. how much would you be willing to let it go for, including shipping to 59105?
  6. im interested in the headlight covers if you still have them
  7. Driver door? Very good chance i'll take it if you have it Also, if you don't mind me asking, why are you selling? It looks like just a few days ago you were trying to buy some cladding?
  8. Do you still have the tail lights for sale?
  9. not sure what has come of this yet, but I am in montana and will be needing a driver door piece. my dork ass brother decided to force the door open when it got caught, so that was a fun time. Let me know whats up, cuz i'll take it whenever it is available
  10. Can you pm me the specs on the tablet? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  11. interested. if you'd pm me your paypal i'll take them
  12. I'll take it. PM me your paypal and i'll send you cash as soon as I see it
  13. It's OK. I think I am going to upgrade the fronts this summer, since the turning radius loss with the mcgaughys is pretty gross. But other than that, not horrible. I mean, it rides worse than stock. I don't know if that is due to needed new shocks or if it's just an inherent flaw in dropping trucks. It's livable though. Can't beat the look, that's for sure Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
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