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  1. Has anyone any experience with an oil filter relocation kit? I'm tired of making a mess when I change my oil. Thanks for the suggestions in advance!!
  2. Poopnewton, sorry I didn't notice that you asked me a question. I bought a wing off Ebay. Its the ureathane. Its very poor quality. I'm sending it back and going to try a fiberglass one. I like how they look, but the quality of what I"m finding really sucks.
  3. Yes, They told me that most of this stuff had been discontinued at the dealership. So I'm trying to piece together the hardware needed to install this. I'm sure I can get most of the bolts at a good hardware store. I mostly needed the needed the inserts that go in the tailgate. Fortunately they are still available. I bought an aftermarket wing of Ebay. Its not really very good quality, but there isn't much to choose from.
  4. For anyone interested. Here are part numbers for the ISS wing ISS Schematic and part numbers.pdf
  5. Here are some part numbers for the ISS Wing ISS Schematic and part numbers.pdf
  6. Hi Guys, I'm trying to mount a wing and I need some mouinting brackets. I messaged one of our members, but cant even find them on Ebay. Anyone have any ideas where to get a set? Looking forward to getting these on. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replys, I recently purchased a very nice 04 AWD and I'm interested in lowering it. I have lowered things before and it seems there have been problems. I'm wanting to avoid that as much as possible. Another concern is changing the tire size and having it pull in ruts on the road, or drive poorly from a lower profile tire. I'd like to run 22's but concerned about ride and drive quality. Thank you
  8. I'm interested in a review of a2/3, 3/4 lowering kits from Norcal. Especially the cornering kit with the sway bars. Please list your kit and the size of your tires. Does it rub? Pros and conscons. Thanks guys!
  9. What are these bow ties for? Do they replace the one in the grill? How much? Thanks
  10. JD, Did you buy and install this Kit? I'm interested in doing the same. Any pictures?
  11. Roll pans, and wings. Maybe a front spoiler
  12. How much do you want for your cladding? I need a couple pieces I need a couple pieces
  13. I bet your door adjar switch is bad. This shuts off your accessories when you open your door. Just replaced mine. PN 15110643. Pretty spendy. $300, but necessary. Good luck
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