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  1. I did a build for a friend of mine with a 05 crew cab Silverado 5.3 liter and went with comp 212 218 114lsa cam. 4.88 gears and a circle d 3000 stall with 35" tires. cam was a great choice for a 4x4 with large tires. provides great low end torque needed for that type of application. Should respond with even more torque in a 6.0 given that the 6.0 has more torque than the 5.3 from the get go. I would be careful about going too big, that is a mistake many people make, and in your case I see you have swapped an 80 trans. That thing is a turd off the line adding to your large tires even more, you need low end torque to get the truck moving, not a cam made for high rpm which is what many people do when choosing their cams they want to pick based on the fact of the large duration numbers and say " oooo that's a big cam gonna create big power" then they put it in and its a turd off the line cuz its made to be spinning at high rpm to produce power, like in a sports car that's quickly going through gears. Choose the cam based on your application! Im no cam expert by no means but im not cam retarded either. just providing an opinion and a experience with that cam
  2. If you are planning a turbo in the future the l92's may not be a good route. You already have a 10.4:1 compression ratio, and it you put l92 heads on it since they have a slightly smaller cc you will bump your compression ratio up. not quite sure what it would raise it to but its that fact that it would raise it. Now I am not a turbo expert but most guys running any type of blown forced induction setup usually shoot for around a 9.5:1 compression ratio, or sometimes lower. That is the reason I was saying you need to be sure and look into your future build plans. I like to say im fairly knowledgeable with when it comes to building engines but I will not lead someone in the wrong direction about something im not experienced on and turbos is something im not good at. But I would think the compression ratio you would come out at would be too much to turbo later on which would mean another head swap later on. hopefully someone with some turbo knowledge will chime in
  3. o yea im with you, that's why I have never understood why people go through what they do when you can do it online. I know me personally if I was to go out I would end up getting in a fight with the videos I've seen of how people treat each other, lol. Its sad the world we live in what people go through to save a few bucks. We had plans to go shooting Saturday and I needed to pick up some targets before going so after we ate lunch Friday I drove over to academy sports and went through the parking lot to see how bad it was, wasn't a single spot in the whole lot. I was like nope I'll wait till in the morning to pick them up. lol
  4. Wouldn't necessary relate it to black Friday or cyber Monday but like a few others just happen to be the timing. Im placing the order for all the stuff to build my trans up to handle the hp for my 408 build on my project truck this week. Other than that, I sure as heck didn't get out and go to the store on black Friday. That crap is insane and I would rather pay full price. lol
  5. It all depends on what your goals are for the truck, what future mods you plan for it and what kind of hp improvement you expect from the amount of money that mod will cost you, because you could possibly benefit better from doing a cam instead depending on what future plans you have. As far as if the heads will gain you hp, yes you would pick up some hp. The stock 317 heads have a combustion chamber of around 72cc and the l92/ls3 heads are about 70cc so you would come up on compression. Would definitely want to make sure your running premium, which you already should be, and suggest you have a good tuner since running even higher compression. And if you haven't thought about it more air = more fuel so you will need some re tunning done, not thinking of you as a dummy just trying to help you cover everything before you pull the trigger. Also the stock 317 heads flow around 245 cfm's and the l92/ls3 flow around 318 cfm's so you would be moving some more air as well. Would suggest to optimize the extra air coming in you had a set of long tubes and a good exhaust set up. Im not here to argue cfm numbers cuz different places that flow test will all come up with different numbers but those are the rough numbers of the stock heads. If you were to get the heads cnc ported which would obviously be more $ the cc would change depending on who does the work atleast it did in my case and could come out around 68cc bumping your compression even more and cfm's in the 368 range depending who does it. But it all comes down to how much moding you plan to do to it. Obviously doing heads, cam, long tubes, and exhaust would all benefit from each other, plus many other mods intake etc. But if your just looking at possibly one thing that is the price of what the heads would run you, I think I would personally be looking into a cam swap. Then later on you decide you want more the cam will benefit great from the extra air of the heads. Just my 2 cents.
  6. are you asking will a built and boosted 6.0 make it in the 10's? if so yes. with the right vehicle, right setup, and right driver no problem.
  7. depends on if money is a concern. if money isn't a concern then I wouldn't boost the v6 I would not doubt go with the 6.0. I'm not sure what kind of numbers have been reached with a boosted v6 but bigger is always better. in my opinion if your wanting to build a big bad a** drag vehicle don't hold back, go all the way. it may take a lil longer till your done cuz its not just throwing a turbo setup on the current engine, but 3 years later when your cruising down the road in that awesome ride you built you wont be with the thought in the back of your head "I should of built and boosted the 6.0 instead of this v6". that exact thought is what made me change my build into a 408 stroker. I bought a junkyard 6.0 and planned to just rebuild it, cam, intake, heads, and throw nitrous on it and have a play toy. change my mind for that exact thought and now have a way bigger engine. taking a lil longer but every day I look at it I don't regret it one min. just a thought maybe it will help
  8. hmmmm reminds me of a mechanic that use to work in my shop. he would quote jobs like that cuz he was guaranteed to bust the original radiator while doing the swap so he would say before starting the job gonna have to have a new radiator since he knew it would end up broke. must of been this guys thought process. lol its easy. I did mine myself, even built my own harness. which I wouldn't do again. it sucked. lol
  9. no problem....yea if you have that many miles on them its time to change them anyway. I would definitely change plugs and wires, since your wires are that old and it never hurts to have a fresh set of plugs in there so your not hurting yourself doing that. If it still does it after that I would try the fuel checks.
  10. could be a number of things. Ive related to the same issue and it turned out to be simple as plugs and wires and another time was the fuel pump. I would recommend putting a fuel pressure tester on it and checking fuel pressure, check it at key on, idle, and then run it under your hood and tape it to the bottom of your windshield and go drive and watch it at wot. That's what I did when I found mine going out, just my 2cents. If you have hp tuners and it is dropping pressure bad enough you can see it in the o2 readings as well
  11. ......my buddy has the same switch in his dash to arm his nitrous, maybe he took off whatever it went to before selling. try tracing the wires
  12. congrats on the new SSS! Let the modding begin
  13. perfect my bosses dad works there! will find out what info I can and will go take a look at it Saturday. Sorry that's the earliest I can get by there.
  14. I don't have any history on it for you but I live in north Mississippi and work in Memphis so not far from it at all. I actually found it on craigslist and was coming on the site to post it up for everyone when another member told me someone already asked about it. what dealership is it at cuz it doesn't say on craigslist? Could try and go look at it for you if your really interested in it. Might be driving to Arkansas Saturday to buy myself a truck for my 408 project.
  15. anyone have any use for a stock 6.0 crank, rods, and the lq4 dished pistons? Was removed from a running engine I picked up at the junkyard for a 408 build im doing. All the bearings looked good when I tore it down, no damage to any of the parts. It had 123,000 miles on it. 2005 model. 24t reluctor wheel. asking $350 plus shipping
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