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  1. 2xss

    Bye Bye Lightning.

    I do believe you all have your own opinions, and are entitled to them. I did not mean to start a whole big huge debate over this, I simply wanted to share my story. I am old enough to NOT make up stories that are not true, I have better things to do. lol! You can believe, or not, I really don't care. Thanks for all the comments, good, and bad, its all good to me, I was there, I know, and don't have to prove it to anyone...
  2. 2xss

    Bye Bye Lightning.

    Well if my truck is modded, I don't know how, only has 50k on it, and appears stock...and very well kept and clean, I am 2nd owner... it is a true story, he could not keep up, and what I saw of it, it looked legit...
  3. 2xss

    Bye Bye Lightning.

    So I have had my SS for a couple months now, haven't done much to it yet, but I was getting on interstate the other day with a Lightning following close behind, got to top of ramp, slid over a lane , so did he, nailed the throttle, so did he, but I left him in the dust! let off around 85 or so, and he did all he could to catch up, just long enough to get beside me and give me the thumbs up! I love this truck!!!
  4. I have now seen TWO SSS in Van Wert Ohio... first one was black, he was behind me thru town, then he turned off... saw it again a couple times in town... then I saw another RED one like mine... unsure of the year of either one, but interesting, didn't see any until I bought mine, lol....guess that's how it goes
  5. Great info, thanks, mine is one of 270, and right around 50K....
  6. I like that idea, I am new to the area, came from Minnesota, don't know anybody out here that shares my interest, lol!
  7. I would be interested too, Im in Van Wert, 30 miles from Fort Wayne...
  8. Hi Guys, just wondering if you guys could list where the events are located... new in the area, Ohio, and don't know the shows and meets by name, locations would be helpful... mainly would like to know which gatherings are within an hour or two from me here in van Wert.... near Fort Wayne Indiana, thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the Hellos, I did add a pic of my Chevelle in my garage, don't have a lot of pics on this new laptop yet, lol... [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:696]
  10. Just saying hi, recently bought an 06 SS, also own a 70 chevelle SS, thought this site would be cool to join, and I also just moved here to Ohio from Minnesota just before Christmas. would like to meet up with some guys with same taste/ interest as myself, don't know anyone around here! lol!
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