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  1. Set of 4, Theft Deterrent, Arrival Blue but could be used on any SS. Sold my truck, so figured I would sell these off. 10.00 Never used. Picture is similiar however I cant upload picture is too large. Will email a picture if desired.
  2. Well, SS is gone.. I am sad but getting up there in miles an had to part with her

  3. Yeah because I dont have time to check daily...pictures are on profile of the truck anything else I will do per request. So don't like the post? Remove it or...don't I could care less.
  4. I will be posting mileage, interior pictures & everything else later. She is going into the shop soon for touch up work around the wheel wells. Brand new Borla ProXs muffler, pace setter long tube headers, After Market Rims, Dark Tint anyway pictures are on profile. If interested let me know. Sale will be soon as she gets out of shop. .*Update* I am also willing to sell as is...send offers an I will respond to your question....Willing to negotiate
  5. Was in my Sierra pulled up beside an briefly spoke both of us were hauling a$$ to work. Sharp truck. Around 530am on thursday- friday ish
  6. Changing the lights in aTrailblazer is the most ridiculous thing I have ever experienced. Changing the lights in any other vehicle...Stupid Simpe

    1. SuperStock


      X2, everything is so crammed in there.

  7. Mother Thumper Cam...anybody have any info on it?

  8. Talked with an SS owner tonight. He has a 1st Gen SS & 2nd Gen. Both extremely clean

  9. I found mine on here. Originals are damn hard to find. Good Luck
  10. I was stationed in CA, had job offers out there after I got out. Refused them all. I will never go to CA for any amount of money. F that place
  11. Well I think my newest project for the SS will be to cam her.

    1. Muggs


      Which one you looking at?

  12. My SS is a Temperamental B!%€# in the rain....

  13. The force of the water shot up and knocked some of the plug wires loose. I wouldn't believe it but I googled to see if it was true and sure enough. 3 plug wires were loose.
  14. Disregard, I fixed it. The water shot up an knocked some plug wires loose. Snapped em back into place and all is well.
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