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  1. This is the problem Im currently having. The hangar for 1 of the tail pipes broke, causing the pipe on the driver side to hang low and the y pipe broke where it connected to the flo s10 single inlet. I brought it to the shop to have them weld wear the pieces broke and I was told it would cost $100 more to just replace the flo s10 w/a flo dual in/dual out and just have the pipes stop short of the rear end. They installed a cherry bomb vortex instead, which I didnt want nor like. It doesnt sound as loud as I had it before. To me, cherry bombs are good if ur drag racing maybe b/c u only hear em when u floor it. U dont hear it at idle. I posted pics of how the setup is now. I just wanna know what would be best way to hook up system before I change it.



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