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  1. Ive been told the x pipe allows for better excavation n horsepower but I dont wanna lessen the noise either. Will I risk any damage if I dont install an x pipe?
  2. What would you go with? I like the sound of flowmaster over cherry bomb. Those are really the only two that Ive heard. Is an x pipe needed?
  3. I have a 2005 Silverado 2500 HD that has true dual exhaust. Id like to install 2 single in/single out flowmaster super 10s but am concerned about back pressure. Would it be better for my engine to just install the flowmaster dual in/dual out 50 series HD?
  4. This is the problem Im currently having. The hangar for 1 of the tail pipes broke, causing the pipe on the driver side to hang low and the y pipe broke where it connected to the flo s10 single inlet. I brought it to the shop to have them weld wear the pieces broke and I was told it would cost $100 more to just replace the flo s10 w/a flo dual in/dual out and just have the pipes stop short of the rear end. They installed a cherry bomb vortex instead, which I didnt want nor like. It doesnt sound as loud as I had it before. To me, cherry bombs are good if ur drag racing maybe b/c u only hear em when u floor it. U dont hear it at idle. I posted pics of how the setup is now. I just wanna know what would be best way to hook up system before I change it.
  5. Why would you need the x pipe if you have true dual running thru 2 straight thrus?
  6. Im not totally understanding some of these suggestions. I have true dual pipes that run from the engine. I havent had problems w/ sound complaints ever w/the system I have on now. There are mufflers out there that arent chambered at all?
  7. So, it would be better to run 2 single chamber mufflers rather than one muffler at all? Im actually thinking about eliminating the muffler all together
  8. I have true dual exhaust on my 2005 silverado. The two pipes run into a y-pipe, which then runs into a single in/dual out flowmaster s10 muffler. Is this a louder setup, then if I had the 2 pipes each run into a single in/single out flowmaster s10 muffler?
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