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  1. you can only lower the SS 2 inches max. I wouldn't mind getting a lower look myself. i've already done a belltech drop
  2. Bryan and PCMFORLESS is without a doubt the most reliable, honest person and business i've talked to in our list of vendors.....bar none. He not only gives you a great tune but a extremely low price for the quality and his customer service is the best. For example, i met up with some local guys around my town that work through STS installing their turbos to talk w/ them about their product. I planned on doing the turbo further down the line b/c i was installing my cam the very next week but the STS guys insisted that i do the turbo before the cam for "unknown" reasons. They also informed
  3. I have heard that when our trucks reach over 400 rwhp using either a turbo or a supercharger that we have to change out our fuel injectors because of the compression ratio. Is this true or have i been hearing b.s.? If so then where is everybody buying their aftermarket fuel injectors? I ask because I am either buying the Radix or the STS Turbo.....haven't made up my mind yet.
  4. I made a custom 6.0 Logo and also made a vinyle SS logo to stick over my windshield. I used the Seadoo font, it required some modifying but i eventually got it to work.
  5. I've heard the same things. Nobody's ever been real specific on the negative effects they have. My luck the blades will snap'n go through my hood Your truck or trucks look pretty clean to . Just wish i had something other than polariod pics to show with
  6. I would like to be able to run my engine a little cooler than it has been. It has a 160 degree stat already and sometimes the temp. will still hover just under 220. Anyway, are the flexalite fans worth the buy? And how is installation on them? I figure its pretty straight forward.
  7. The current SS is the winner in my book
  8. 2003 Lingenfelter Corvette You've got to check this thing out Lingenfelter Corvette
  9. I was looking at a cam for good low end and midrange bite. Somewhere between 1800-4800 rpm. Has anybody tried the Holley Lunati Camshaft/Pushrod buy?? The part number for the one i'm looking at is 84015LUN.
  10. I know this may be a repost but the only cam posts i've seen are cams that perform well with a Radix. I have a moderatly modified SS (i.e. intake, headers, shiftkit, dyno tune) and i'm looking to buy a cam for my next mod. What type/brand of cam has proven most effective on our trucks without a Radix, and whats the price range for having a cam installed?? I've been thinking about a good low range cam because our trucks have their greatest acceleration from 20 mph. Any info you guys could give me would me helpful.
  11. I started out with a superchips programmer on my SS. The only real improvement i could tell was in the shifts......i increased the shift firmness 2 or 3 levels over the neutral area and it helped a little bit. The only other advise i could give you is to go with the pcmforless tune. It is unbelievably superior to any handheld you could buy, and it's tuned specifically to the mods or for what you are trying to achieve.
  12. Where is everyone ordering their 160 'stats from?
  13. it shouldnt cost anywhere near that, he had a torque converter installed and that is alot more work you dont have to take the trans off to put in the shift kit or servos it should cost around 125-200 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks 04Chase....I thought the install should be around those numbers. All the trans shops i've been to think it's an extremely tough install. Anybody from north georgia know of any good transmission shops? (or should i say honest transmission shops)
  14. The exact kit i purchased is a 4L60E-HD2-C Reprogramming Kit. It doesn't include a torque converter.
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