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  1. Can some one please help point me in the right direction on a wright up for the turbo oil lines? I've searched it but all I can find under the search is fuel and brake lines
  2. Got all the tubing in so now my in law just needs to finish up his project he's working on now and then it goes in next weekend!! The tubing on the left is mine and the right is what he normally uses on his Evo manifolds. He's almost excited as I am![emoji7]
  3. I haven't been very active other then the FB side of things and have been wanting to start my own build thread on here for me and your amusement. I have been biting down on this build really serious the last month or so on this truck. I bought the turbo about one year ago and bought my wife's and I's first house the end of March this year. I work two jobs and finally told the wife that the second job is going to start going to things I want(this project, my rock crawler, and maybe a camaro)and so it's begun. The last month I have ordered: Siemens deka 80lbs injectors(with GM plugs) Walbro 450LPH E85 fuel pump(not going to tune for E85) eBay front mount intercooler 31X12X4 3" tubing! Tial 44mm wastegate Tial 50mm BOV(not yet purchased) GlowShift tinted 7 color 52mm boost and wideband gauges Getting a custom made fiberglassed pod in the center console. And lastly a 69(giggity)mm ?E3USA? GT45Turbo. I don't remember the name of the turbo. Just looked at the photos I have of it and guessed lol Turbo blanket as well. I'm pretty sure that is all that I have going on for right now. I don't really remember anything else that I have and don't see anymore emails. With the piping I'm going to do a twin scroll set up and a 3" down pipe. I'm have my brother-in-law do all the plumbing. He does tig welding for Aviation and does amazing exhaust and intake systems on the side. The Snapple is a 32 ounce battle. I hope to start this project now that I have everything in two-three weeks. So I will start taking tons of photos and keeping you up to date as best as possible.
  4. I only bought the rotors and I'm running EBC yellow stuff pads and I love them. I stop my 4Runner and camping gear no problem with no trailer brakes
  5. Stock intake. And the ones I'm looking at say theirs no need for the wire kits.
  6. Just read from beginning. This is a awesome build in every way!! Good taste. I'm also excited to see this finished. Good luck to you
  7. I'm looking at a couple different options for my truck. Going to turbo it with a 69mm turbo(if I remember correctly)but only wanting 8-12 pounds. But would like to only buy one set in case I decide to go 18-25 pounds. Are these good? Anyone run them? How's tuning and drive ability? I prefer to go with the cheaper ones to be able to buy more then just injectors. Thanks for any help. I know nothing of this stuff
  8. 4Runner

    Gauge pod

    I'm getting ready to do a turbo in the truck and I'm wanting to put the gauges in the center console I found on that I like but I don't know who makes it. If some one could point me in the right detection I'd appreciate it. Here's a pitcher
  9. Sweet k. Thank you very much
  10. Thanks fellas for you help and input. I have sent zippy a email. I hope to hear from him soon. Should I wait to do this tell after I do work to the exhaust?
  11. It kinda seems like a pain in the ass to go that rought. I don't like waiting forever for one really. And I don't know anything about it. So many questions about it. The H-pipe would be easier to instal on the stock exhaust tubing then a X. Or am I thinking to hard about it? I also read that H-pipes are for low end torque and a X is for high horsepower. With how little upgrades I have and for my budget I kinda thought it would be better with what I do have. Does that sound right? You can tell me if I'm being stupid lol
  12. My truck only has a volant ram air with box and that's it. I'm planning on putting two mufflers on the exhaust with a H-pipe. But I was wondering what you guys think about these? Are they worth it. Do they really give you 25 hp 29 lb/ft? Main thing I really want it for is firmer shifts moving the rev limiter and shift points. I think that's what's going to help this truck the most. But that's also a lot of power from just a programmer isn't it? Thanks guys http://www.realtruck.com/edge-cts2-evolution-performance-chip/R184409P2003Y734MA.html I guess that would help lol
  13. The stock goodyears are nice but I wanted to go bigger and more street look.
  14. I was searching the web of easy cheap exhaust set ups. What do you guys think about something like this? I want it exactly like this. But I don't want to exit. Just put tips on the end of the mufflers. Thanks for any advise/input
  15. Champiro 528 GT Radials I wasn't doing the best with money and bought cheap. I'll never do that again! Not worth it at all I'll get a loan for better tires if that ever happens again
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