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  1. Today my 03' SS started to shift very heavy. From 1-2 it would rev pass 3k. The shift time was very high pass 5sec which is not suppose to do. 2-3 is fine and 3-4 is good also. But than coming to a stop she will stay in 4th gear and not drop down to first. If I manually down shift she will give me first than I shift to second and she's good and so on but that's manually shifting her and she shifts perfect. So the transmission could have not gone out. I do not race in her I don't just randomly dog her around everywhere. I don't even daily her. Was just a good day to drive her and started acting up. I've seen millions of forums and googles and searched everywhere and get different answers which is a headache. ***I hear that my transmission needs a rebuild...than I hear it's a wiring problem....than they say it's a PCM problem...if not that it could be a speed sensor. All that is done to her is a Torquer v2 cam Circle D 3600 converter 243 heads with .660 lift springs Tbss Intake manifold/ tbss throttle body 1 7/8 long tube pace setter headers Volant CAI If anyone could give me any info that would be a big help. Thanks
  2. I came across an old school supercharger POWERDYNE BD-11a I got it for free of a old school guy. I know they discontinued them back in the 90's. I heard some places on the web sell parts for them mostly re build kits though. Does anyone know where I can get the install manual for it? It looks simple to put on but I'd like to be sure. Also do I have everything as a complete kit. I'm also looking for the belt that will fit it. I'm sure I'd need bigger injectors for it also. If anyone could help that would be great. Here's a few pics of what was given to me. It has the adapter plate that mounts on the block just don't have the pic..
  3. So I bought OEM electric fans from a buddy of mine he said they came of a wrecked 2005 silverado 1500. In the picture whoever had them before him made there own ground with a thick wire on the fuse box. I'm hoping that's fine. My question is the plug with the blue and green wire. Where exactly does this go in my 2003 silverado ss. I know that I have to put blue in pin 42 but the green I have no idea where it would go??? So if anyone's done this install with OEM E-fans please give me answers on how to install without buying a harness would rather try to keep it as if it was straight out of factory. Thanks guys
  4. Yea I'm thinking whoever installed it didn't do it right or was sold wrong parts.
  5. Alright sounds good thanx for the advice. I'm sticking with the torquerV2 might upgrade to 243 heads later on with a ls3 intake
  6. Lol nah I didn't it was just that or 228r. I just wanna make sure that cam won't givd me piston slap like it did my cousins SS. It's just gonna be my toy for the streets.
  7. Alright I want to cam my SS and heard the torquerV2 is a good cam for a lq9! All I have is a tune, long tube pace setter headers with full 3inch true dual exhaust all the way to the back, volant CAI. All stock internals. It's Awd and I'm gonna get a 3800-4000 circle D stall with it. Now my cousine had the same set up and apparently the push rods were touching his pistons, and messed his pistons up. I have no idea if something went wrong on the install or he was sold bad stuff. So my question is will it be fine if I just buy everything legit and install the right way. And I'm going to buy everything off texas speed as a kit l. 7.400 push rods double or single springs, and the cam of course.
  8. The past couple of days my abs and and brake light on my dash would turn on after 5min of driving. It tells me to service brakes on my service center on my dash. I thought it was my brakes so I changed them even though mine were good. It still pops up though. What could it be???
  9. Okay guys I have a lq9 6.0,and I want to swap out the intake manifold and slap on a ls3 intake manifold. I heard around the block that its just bolt on and a simple plug n play. I know I'll need ls3intake manifold of course with a ls3 throttle body. And the fuel rails. If I'm missing something here please do tell me and if its a simple plug and play. Thanx
  10. The guy told me he couldn't make it after all. It's a thicker decal sorry to disappoint. But I'm still looking around to find someone to do it or make a real bow tie instead of a decal. Unless anyone else has a better solution.
  11. Did you install the clock spring after you bought it, just wondering so you could give me a step by step process on how to change it. And could you put the link of where you bought the clock spring.
  12. I got a hold of a guy that's working on this sticker I posted. So if you by any chance want one I'll let you know the finish product on it and show pictures.
  13. Where can I find the clock spring at for a good price?? I'm gonna give it a try and fix the original steering wheel clock spring since it's out the truck already be a lot easier and faster.
  14. Do you know what he goes as in that site???
  15. Is it an easy process to fix, or where would be a good place to get it fixed. I would do it myself if there was a step by step process for me to see. Wouldn't want to screw it up.
  16. If I could get it with the sss front that would be even better, but if not ill be fine with the tbss one. You know where or who makes them??
  17. I wrote the email and did a lot of searching as well. I'll try calling the number hoping I will get an answer and I will let you know if I could get a hold of the people.
  18. Does anyone know where I can find this decal, or the person that makes them??
  19. You think it could be a easy fix to do myself or take it to a mechanic? Cause I hate my truck to be like this it's so annoying. I been reading that it might be my clock [email protected] Ss member
  20. Yea on the first steering wheel I did, but it's whole new steering wheel. Almost everything worked this time, now it just stopped working.
  21. Okay recently after putting my long tube headers my air bag light came on my dash, and controls on my steering wheel did not function. Lights on steering wheel wouldn't turn on, radio controls, has and mileage buttons either. I thought maybe the steering wheel went bad, so went to a junkyard and bought a 2005 suburban steering wheel. Exact same as my original. After taking mine out and putting in my new/used one the controls for the radio still did not work, but the gas and mileage ones did (basically the bottom ones worked not the top buttons). The air bag light was still on my dash and my dash center telling me to service it. I have no idea what it could be if anyone could give me an insight on what it could be I would greatly appreciate it thanks!!!
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