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  1. No worries! Yeah they should be able to give you a similar number for your year too if they have it for 2006. Here's the website if you need it http://www.vintagevehicleservices.com/options.html It would be really cool if you did do that to get an even better estimate of total numbers! It is low indeed I've estimated it to the best of my ability with the understanding that 2003, 2004, and 2006 are now known. And then that 2007 is expected to have very low numbers. It is my understanding that production numbers trailed off pretty quickly after the first run in '03 (maybe due to lower sales of an expensive truck?). I'm hoping some others get official numbers for 2005 and 2007 to have a complete number. But from the VIN searching estimates other guys have posted here compared to the official number I got it looks like the estimates are pretty accurate, which makes me believe 20038 is very close to the total. I was even more excited about the truck to see how exclusive it is
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    I was trying to decide this too a few months back and I must have spent at least 3 hours watching videos on YouTube of silverados with different exhaust set ups (focusing on 6.0 of course). I've used a Flowmaster 40 series and a super 44 before on my previous non-SS truck and let me tell you they are definitely loud (especially the super 44) and I loved both of them! But I noticed and heard in the videos that Chevy v8's all seem (to me at least) to pick up a kind of annoying glass pack sound at mid-high rpm with Flowmasters. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me could say why, but this doesn't seem to happen with Hemis... I also didn't like the droning I was getting on highway drives. Anyway, I wanted louder than stock but more refined than Flowmaster for my SS and settled on Gibson. At first I thought I made a mistake because after coming from the Flowmasters it seemed pretty quiet, but I waited and a couple hundred miles later I was really happy with it. I understand that a muffler without any packing or baffles shouldn't have a break in period but the tone definitely changed after driving it a while. It's got a nice deep rumble at idle and a smooth almost big block like sound at high revs. I also wanted a sound that stood out and Flowmaster are probably the most popular. I hear that Borla systems are also more refined but maybe more quiet? I know the marketing materials are always a bit sketchy but the Gibson dyno charts looked more impressive than the others. Take it with a grain of salt I guess. My two cents All that said, I've never heard an SS sound bad!
  3. Agreed, an SS alone is a pretty rare creature and will definitely only become more so as time goes on. Also think of how many Silverados there are, hundreds of thousands Hey don't be down, increasing the miles is always a kinda a postive since you get to drive a sweet truck! Still under 60K here, and I doubt I can afford the fuel to drive it over 75K anytime soon haha! But yeah when I was looking for one to buy a lot of them were over 100K already...
  4. http://www.vintagevehicleservices.com/options.html Damn, double posted already haha
  5. Hi All, New member here and proud owner of my '06 for about a year now. Late to the party, I know, but better late than never right? Like many here I wanted to know how rare my new favorite toy was so I spent a couple hours going through the threads here and checking out other sources. Here's my kind of long winded story of how this all came to be. Feel free to skip to the numbers below if you don't like stories. From the excellent work of others here the numbers for 2003 and 2004 are well established but no one really knows what's going on with 2005-2007 "officially." So I gave up for a couple months, but I just couldn't let it go so I called up GM headquarters to see what I could find or who I could talk to. Not surprisingly the guys I talked to were confused and not helpful, and claimed that official records for these trucks don't exist. So I called GM in Canada since they were all produced in Ontario anyway. These guys were more helpful (that's Canada for ya eh!) and passed me on to GM Vintage Vehicle Services. This place handles requests for build and production information for all GM vehicles built and sold in either the US or Canada, essentially archives. The guy I talked to was skeptical that he could find production numbers but if I ordered all the build records for my truck (which I was doing anyway) then any production number information would be in there too if it existed. So I got the documents and a GM official record of how many 2006 Silverado SSs were built: 1169 (non Intimidator). Closure! Here's a table to summarize production numbers for 2003-2007. I take no credit for these numbers except 2006. Maybe someone with a 2005 and a 2007 could talk to Vintage Vehicle Services too and complete the table officially 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Total Total 10022 5098 2627 2102 189 20038 Intimidator 0 0 0 933 0 933 AWD 10022 5098 20766** 0 0 17196 RWD 0 0 551** 1169 189** 1909 Black 6117 ? ? 404* 189** Red 2802 ? ? 270* 0 Blue 1103 ? ? 0 0 Silver 0 0 ? 495** 0 *Assuming color ratio similar to 2003 (from 674 vehicles) **Estimate based on VIN researching Interestingly the 2006 number I got is relatively close to an estimate that has been posted before, which gives me hope that the other numbers estimated by VIN researching are also pretty accurate. This method also helped me to estimate the color distribution for 2006 assuming there were 495 silver in 2006 (http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/79901-anyone-know-06-sss-production-numbers/?p=886685). But keep in mind, everything except 2003, 2004, and 2006 are still estimates! The 2005 and 2007 numbers were a bit hazy to me based on the VIN results posted but that's expected. http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/79934-production-s-for-sss/?p=887049 http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/79934-production-s-for-sss/?p=887132 I scanned the page of the documents which gives the production number. I highly recommend people to check out this service, not just for the number, but for the hugely detailed build information you get too. The package was 50 pages and covered everything down to what metal the exhaust manifold was made of! Here's some interesting information that was also provided to me. For those looking at VINs, any SS sold in Canada was given build codes B4U and SSX. Any SSs sold in the US were 1SS. 1SJ and 1SK were special order codes (had to be requested). If you look at the document, you'll see that the production numbers include 1SS and B4U/SSX trucks so this number should cover both US and Canadian SSs (especially since they were all built at the same plant). Looks like only 33 were sold in Canada originally in 2006. And oh you lucky dogs who have a '07!
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