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  1. Guys, I have been replacing several parts of the front brakes on my 04 SS, and have to put new brake fluid in. Under the hood, it says Dot3. But I got Dot4 brake fluid... Can I put in Dot4 without a problem, or do you advise Dot3 Brake fluid? Thanks! Pascal
  2. All, What brand and type of oil do you guys use in your car? I know my dealer uses Full Synthetic oil, but when I asked him further specs he gave me following answer: "5w40 full synthetic low sap" So my 2nd attempt is offcourse this forum. shoot! any prefs for specific brands for example? Thanks from Belgium, Europe. Pascal
  3. Thanks! Much appreciated!. Will have a look, and contact them.
  4. Yes. That is the one. Can I order @ GMPartsDirect as European customer, and do they ship to Belgium? Thanks!! Pascal Do you have a link for that please?
  5. Dear, We are currently replacing some parts of the rear brakes. Most parts I can find overhere in Belgium, Europe, like the discs, the brakepads, ... But one thing is a problem. The shield behind the disc is totaly rusted. I would like to order 2 of them, brand new, but don't know how or what. Can someone please help me in finding the right part for my 2004 Silverado SS? Thanks Pascal
  6. That's Dutch. We're looking into the 5.3 option now. Will keep you posted. Technician is also reading here...
  7. LPG has an octane rate of 108-110. I don't know the exact temperature LPG is burning at, but it is a bit higher then petrol. I don't think the compression ratio has been changed, because it is just another kind of fuel that we use, as petrol is becoming quite expensive, and always was overhere (1 Liter of 95 Octane petrol will set you back at € 1,5, = $ 1,98 per liter, where a gallon = 3,78 Liters, so we pay $ 7,48 per gallon...) The truck has no tune, it is completely stock. Heads show a little crack. It is tiny, but it is there, and I lost a gallon of cooling fluid in a week. I still don't know the english word, but Google pics shows me this: https://www.google.be/search?q=klepzittingen&hl=nl&tbo=d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=SD7fUK_CG8LDhAe-3YH4BQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAA&biw=1280&bih=675 They were already replaced with harder ones 100K ago, but they show similar problems. This is a known problem, and almost every car running on LPG will get this problem. Good to know it fits, that's already something. I also like Zippy's comments above. I will inform my technician to look into this. Thanks guys! enjoy the last days of the year.. At least those Maya's were wrong.. P.
  8. stock engine, only addition of extra fuel system, by LPG (Liquid Petrol Gas)... The gaskets are fine, the head itself, the aluminium has cracks. Left cilinder is leaking, right cilinder is about to. we understood hardened or special heads exist, to stand higher temp. Also, does a 5.3 fits a 6.0? P.
  9. All, my 2004 SS currently has 230.000 Km, and both cilinderheads are damaged, little cracks causing water lose. Problem has been identified, but now we are desparately looking for a solution. Because of LPG-installation I need further alterations to the engine room, because of higher burning temperatures, dryer burning process, ... This has already been changed 100.000 km's ago, but again there is a problem. For example the valve rings (I don't know the correct word, but the things that are between the block and the valve, to close properly, have already been replaced by hardened ones, but after 100K they look appareil to the previous bad ones (original factory ones). We have found an Italian company who specialez in hardened valves. But we do need 2 brand new cilinder heads. Any ideas or tips please. If I find further information, I will post it here. thanks Pascal
  10. All, Finally got a response from Jaspers. Quotation mentions approx. $1.500. Is that an average price? is the ratio 4.10? Thanks Pascal
  11. Hi I've contacted Jasper a week ago (wrote to Mr. Charles Zambrano, International Division), but did not get a reply yet... My VIN = 2GCEK19N941140126 If anybody could be of any assistance, I would really appreciate this... I did get a temporary Diff from Chiel from the Netherlands, but that is very soundy to. So we try not to drive the SS until a final solution. Thanks Pascal
  12. I will get back to you asap. Thanks! Is there a possibility to get a rebuild front Diff? Pascal
  13. All, last week we got stuck with a broken front diff. Had the car towed to my repair man. He dismanteled the whole assembly, and several teeth are missing. So needs to be replaced. Do you have an address where we can purchase a complete replacement? Kris (my repair man) already made some calls, but has difficulties finding the right parts. It's rather hard overhere in Europe to find the right stuff for great US icons... thanks Pascal from Belgium
  14. Also following question. Appearantly the bearings have a size 8.25 instead of 8.5? Is this true, or are we making a mistake? That is why he can not find the proper bearings over here, as far as I understood his explanation. Thanks! Pascal
  15. All, My 2004 SSS has a problem in the front differential. Took it to my mecanic, who took the thing apart, and appearantly it's only a matter of damaged bearings? The driven gears appear to be fine. He has serious problems finding the right bearings over here in Belgium - Europe. Is there anyone who could help us purchasing them, and shipping them to Belgium? Have you got the right link the a shop, who we can contact, and get a deal? Thanks ! and best regards Pascal
  16. Is it the same kind of motor for the big gauges and the small ones? on my cluster already 3 are faulty. Speedo, Gaz and Oil Pressure... THanks guys, really appreciate all the information. Overhere in Europe this is all not known. They only charge us... And no assistance from GM whatsoever... thanks again Pascal
  17. OK, some questions... - what's a stepper motor? (English is not my 1st language; so some technical words sometimes do get difficult? - is there a how to? - anyone with a good link on E-bay? thanks Pascal
  18. Thanks again Gasemall for sending me the mirrors all over to Europe. I received the package yesterday, and everything is allright. So yes; Gasemall is a trustwurthy SSS Member... Thanks Pascal
  19. Hi, what does this include per mirror? Only the glass; or also the housing? Kind regards Pascal
  20. A while ago an idiot drove off my left mirror. A couple of days later some other idiot smacked into the right one; so control doesn't work anymore, and glass broken. We temp. installed a Tahoe mirror on the drivers side. I got a quotation by my dealer over here in Belgium (Europe) for € 2.000 uninstalled, for 2 mirrors (housing and glass). I personally think that's a bit ridiculous. Who can help me at a better deal for 2 mirrors for my Chevy SSS (2004 - Onyx Black) regards Pascal
  21. It's only the glass I need; not the plastic and other coverage... Is that still 200$??? djjeeezus... pffff. THat's a lot of money for an ordinary piece of mirror. P.
  22. Guys, Broke the mirror; and the heating wasn't working any more. SO need a new one urgent. Overhere they charge me € 160 (190$) for a new one; without salestax. I have a friend in Miami, who could send them over. Where would I purchase them best? Regards Pascal
  23. Overhere Belgium - Europe: € 1,50 / liter 1 liter = 0,26 US Gallons Pascal
  24. Together with the new truck (now already 14 months ago) I ordered and installed the Trentz Billet Grille. Today when servicing the car; the mechanic asked me to have a look at it. Ok; I know it's difficult to clean it ;in this kind of wheather; so it looks like crap. But I remember during summer time: It's a pain to clean this piece of ####. Almost every time I cutted my vingers, or some other problems. Now I noticed all the black paint on the horizontal struts is just peeling off. So it really looks crap right now. Is that the Trentz quality? I'm not satisfied at all. Pascal
  25. Went for my 44.500 km (= 27650 mile) service today. Car is 14 months old. As we have to take a truck for yearly technical control overhere, they did the overal tests. Front right shock showed a 45% difference to the left one. So needs to be replaced. Called my dealer (Only 12 months of warranty), and he agreed that this isn't normal behaviour, and he will pay for the parts (almost € 400 = $ 477), and I'll have to pay the installation. Would be about 2 hours work; they told me. Did any of you guys experience this??? Thanks Pascal
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