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  1. I've got 3 OEM 20's. Need a fourth again. Third time. Crager in Miami bought the overstock years ago. Anybody got a wheel I can buy? My caps suck. Second factory set. Need pass. side cladding too. A semi's front lug nuts got me in the rain at 20 mph. Safeco just totaled it. Bless thier hearts! $815 bed side, $100 door. Need a wheel.
  2. Put them on with clear silicon as glue. Good to 200 degrees and MPH?
  3. Anybody got three, 5 spokes wheels like me? I need another one. A Semi stuck his front lug nuts into one of mine, at 20 mph in the rain. I know the centers suck! Tired of buying them. Clear silicone them on. Change the Chevy emblem in the middle after the center's ring comes off. Still looks stock? This is the third wheel I've broke. Drifted the first two into curbs. I Know, stop driving like that. Anybody got a spare? Or, three people want a 4th wheel? Call Greg, 772-569-0652 Vero Beach, FL. Oh, the Semi ATE the plastic cladding down the pass.side of my truck too. Anybody got some of those? If you call try to leave a message, I screen my aggravations on the old land line. I'll pick up. ASE Master/Service Manager. Thanks Guys
  4. Anybody know the torque of the 3 nuts and the axle nut? I'll try to look it up in the mean time. Yeah, I'm a drifter! Curbs ain't though.I told the insurance Co. it was making noise after the hit folded the broken wheel under the truck. But, what does a Master Tech know anyway? A couple years later and it's to loud for the stereo now. I wonder if I should get one of those shiny new, FREE, windshields while I'm paying for their hub? Why does glare on the old ones eventually seem to cause them to become cracked? Go figure. Karma?
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I thought it sounded like the rear. But, I always wondered if it could be the front. Because of the AWD. I'm going to hand feel the slop in the two diffs. Then remove the front shaft and drive it. After those results, inspect the fluids for metal flakes. If the fluid looks OK I'll check the backlash. If OK, replace the fluid with some quality product. And see what that does. The noise is just starting to be detectable. I've owned much louder ones in the past. I'll probably end up doing gears, bearings, and seals on wich ever it is. Got to take care of my baby.
  6. Got a 03 AWD. I'm an ASE master. I just passed 100,000 the rears starting that too much backlash wine. Thought of resetting the pinion depth. Anybody had any luck with that? I could probably mask the problem with a different lube. But for reliabilty I'd rather put in another gear set. Just wonder how much the wear pattern would increase resetting it. Then probably having to end up going to a different lube anyway. Save some money, and still might last. Anybody had any luck quieting down a rear with a good after market lube of the same weight? Thanks.
  7. Go to a starter & alternator shop & save some time & money.
  8. ACDC

    Weel Cap

    My 03 was 15197885 CAP HUB 5.858 Pillow form corrosion-looks like white worms, eats these up pretty quick. Aluminum corrosion? Might want to try sealing the outside edge of the emblems with clear sealer. My new ones had the same problem as the old set pretty quick! Never thought to try sealing them. What sealer would work best? Your guess is as good as mine.
  9. You need any Chevy parts dept. to print you out your (VIN decoded). This will give you your production sequence for your truck/RPO codes. Helps future counter people pull up your right parts. http://ss12394:351/PQMace/appf.fve?fid=vehicleInfo&mid=gmna&action=getVehicleInfo... or the like. Maybe 1SS,or 1SZ. Can't look it up right now, but might be (YE9)-CONVENIENCE PKG COMFORT & DECOR LEVEL #3 COMFORT & CONVENIENCE PKG #3
  10. My latest drifting repair shop found out CRAGER in Miami bought Chevy,s old stock. I think thats right? Call America's Best Auto Body Shop, Inc. Att. Bobby (772)778-0443.
  11. Done a bunch of these steering wheels at the dealership. Usually because of smashed ignition switches/stolen cars.My 03 clock spring makes noise but works fine. Not looking foward to having to tear into it,special tools/need three hands! Inspection will tell you whats needed in the way of parts. Can become one of those DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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