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  1. Trying to find both brake ducts for my 06 ss. Had mine stolen off my truck the other day and apparently they are extremely hard to come by. So anybody have a pair they aren't using or know where I can buy a set would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey, i'm interested in most of the front end parts. Got into an accident the other day and need to replace almost the whole front end up to the doors including the hood
  3. they can be used as a stencil too, but im just going to paint the calipers, stick them on, and then do a layer of clear coat. should be fine that way
  4. Looked on eBay, found nothing. Also can't get a response from idahoss.
  5. Anybody know where I can get a set of Silverado ss caliper decals?
  6. On my galaxy it just shows other people's features pictures and there's no option to add photos
  7. OK seriously, how the hell do you put up a profile pic haha
  8. Not hating on Canada at all lol. Like you said as long as it's not from India, or China
  9. Honestly did not know that, thanks for the info
  10. Just purchased my first truck today, why wouldn't it be a Silverado ss. It's an 04 victory red mostly stock. Only concern is when I ran the carfax report it said it was a true ss but assembled in Canada. Then from Canada shipped to Texas and has only been owned in the southwest (tx, nm, az). Any cons on the truck being from Canada or am I just thinking about it too much?
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