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  1. Thanks everyone for input. Hard to know since I've not seen another intimidator for sale. Have a buddy at a dealership and he said trade-in would be $18-$19k and that may be low because they can't search like for like with DEI pkg.
  2. *****2006 SSS Dale Earnhardt Edition Intimidator For Sale****** Only 933 made! starting at $25,000 serious inquiries only. Expert insight on value welcomed. - 77,015 miles - BOSE System, aftermarket 7" Kenwood DVD/NAV - premium everything, don't need to sell anyone here, you know more about these trucks than I do. I inherited this truck from my dad who passed 2 years ago. I hate to sell it, but recently married and wife's car has 200k plus and I drive too much to keep putting miles on this baby. Its still in Excellent Condition. I baby this truck! 1 tiny tear approx. 1" wide in drive seat on the side, but is small enough that it has been glued back together. No dings or dents, its black so I see every tiny speck or chip, but keep it waxed and polished 12 months out of the year. Aftermarket Exhaust. She PUUUURRRSS!! Passenger side picture file too large to attach apparently. * OSRV MIRRORS W/ DRIVER SIDE AUTO DIMMING, PWR FOLD & ADJ. HEATED, & TURN SIGNAL * TINTED GLASS * VORTEC 6000 HIGH OUTPUT V8 SFI ENGINE * LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL * 20" CHROME WHEELS REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY WITH CONTENT THEFT ALARM * ISRV MIRROR W/COMPASS & TEMP * LEATHER WRAPPED STEERING WHL * UNIQUE SS BADGING * MONOCHROMATIC GROUND EFFECTS * BACKLIT WHITE FACED GAGES SSI - DALE EARNHARDT INTIMIDATOR PKG. * SIX-WAY POWER DRIVER SEAT * REDUNDANT RADIO CONTROL EMBROIDERED HEADREST * REAR SPOILER * INTIMIDATOR CUSTOM BADGING Z60
  3. 79k miles, intake exhaust upgrade. 7" Kenwood DVD/Nav Bluetooth
  4. Also, a nice Intimidator for sale. Well cared for.
  5. Yes, unfortunately I am putting this up for sale. Are you interested or someone you know? Thanks for the reply.
  6. 06 SS Silverado Dale Earnhardt Intimidator www.ebay.com/itm/321274104288 Please see my profile for information on other places to view.
  7. This is my pride and joy, but I am selling to provide for my new family.
  8. New from PDX, OR. Excited to learn a lot and meet some awesome people with some rad SS's!
  9. I've got a beauty for sale! Never been to the site before but I figured if anyone would appreciate this truck the good people here would! 2006 Chevy Silverado SS Intimidator- Dale Earnhardt edition 76,300 miles most all highway or to and from work 10 miles. Bend new toyo proxes ST's. Dad was first owner and I inherited it from him. Paid off the loan and then got married and wife's truck is close to dead. I am selling to get 2 family fuel efficient rigs because I don't have room for 3 cars nor the money to do that. It's been a tough decision because ideally I'd like to garage it and pass it down to my son one day. It needs to go to a good home! This truck is babied. I never skip a maintenance and take it to the same Ace mechanic who my dad took it to and I keep it clean and waxed always. I have original stereo but put in a ken wood 7" DVD/navigation with integrated phone Bluetooth and steering wheel controls integrated to work with it. (That part alone was $300). Spare no expense for this gem. I've got ads I just put up on eBay motors, autotrader, and eBay classifieds. I think auto trader has it listed in Kansas City, MO for some reason. Getting that fixed. I will reply with item numbers as soon as I am able to go get them. Let me know if you're interested of have any advice. Thanks for viewing and god bless.
  10. I'm selling my 2006 silverado SS Intimidator dale Earnhardt edition. 76k miles clean title. Kept in immaculate condition! Not that I want to sell it but have to because my newly wed wife's truck is about at the end of its life and we will need to replace that. So with how much I drive coupled with that, I need to sell this beautiful And very rare truck and buy 2 used cars. I can provide pictures and links to ads I have running. I just started running these ads. The truck I inherited from my pops when he passed 2 yrs ago. It gets looks all day and I've only seen 1 other Intimidator on the road. It's loaded with premium options and has brand new tires and a performance exhaust. Let me know if you'd like to discuss. I can go in to more detail about how amazing this truck is! See auto-trader ad and eBay motors ad and eBay classifieds ad- item # 321274104288 Godbless, George
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