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  1. I have 24's for my awd SSS and I haven't put them on the are dubs I put them up to the truck and it looks like it will rub jw if anyone has put 24's on there trucks if need to modify what do I do thanks
  2. Jc Whitney has a few and different ones that look pretty good I just hit a rock bank I'm in same boat
  3. Ssstefan

    With my 24's

    Hey my name is stefan I live here in Fairbanks I work with a few of ur friends at ft.knox ...when u put ur 24s on when it was stock height did they rub I got 24s for mine they are dub I just wanna kno what to do to make it work if I need to modify anything thanks
  4. Ssstefan


    Did u have to do anything to your bumpers to fit them on I have dub 24's I got and it looks like they gunna rub what did you do to make it work
  5. I have a set of 24s and not 100% sure they will fit I got the for a good price any idea of what I will have to do to make them work
  6. Ssstefan

    Ss Qic Wax

    Shits bad did u take off ur tall antenna that comes off by the hood I have 2 on mine the tall on and the smaller one on the roof of my truck what is the tall one for
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