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    Obx longtubes, Corsa exhaust, 4:10, KandN CAI, Taylor wires, converted to 2wd

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  1. Im looking at buying a quadrasteer box for my 04 Silverado SS & was just wondering if the cladding will fit on that box? Any info would be awesome guys. Eric
  2. - I want to buy an Intimidator SS Wing/Spoiler - I will need it shipped to Ontario Canada - I can pay threw paypal Comment or Text me 705-477-4354
  3. Shift points, rev limiter & governor can be changed? Thats really all i need out of a programmer. And will you ship to Ontario, Canada?
  4. For mods i have CAI, Longtube headers w/ no cats into corsa catback all single 3", 160 thermostat, & the 2wd conversion. So basically stock. In the Spring im getting E-Fans & Line-lock. And ya i looked at some drag radials, that would be ideal but super pricey! And no drag radials used online or intown. I dont think they are the SP, just the normal Belltech Drop Shocks i believe. What are cal tracs?
  5. Torsion bars. I have a 2" rear shackle drop, with Belltech Drop shocks all round.
  6. Found a pair of 28x11.5x16 hoosier's i might buy, they're the Hoosier Quicktime Pro D.O.T.
  7. Ya i did the 2wd swap on it, dropped my 1/8mile by half second. But i am having traction issues, if i had slicks and can hook off the line, i should be able to drop another half second off.
  8. First question is will a 15" rim fit on the back of my SS? I am 2wd & have factory size disc brakes. And what height & width would work best with 4:10's? I was looking at 28x14.5x16 Hoosiers, i have a pair of 16x10 mickey rims.
  9. I need a line lock for my SS to save my rear brakes when warming the tires. I heard of SLP and Hurst linelocks. Is there a kit for a silverado? Or do i just buy a generic kit and make sure the brake lines are the right size?
  10. I converted my truck to 2WD so i only need to worry about rear gears, 4:56 will be perfect for my setup. Just wondering about my rearend specs (10bolt 4:10 factory)Any help would be awesome! 8.5 or 8.6 ring gear? 28 or 30 spline?
  11. Im thinking of buying 4:56 gears with a mini-spool, i have the factory 10bolt with 4:10 gears. Is it 28 or 30 spline? And is it an 8.5 or 8.6 ring gear?
  12. For a RCSB build, would you suggest coilsprings or t-bars?
  13. Where did u buy the wing? I've been looking for one! Looks sexy as f***!!!
  14. Ya i've read a couple write-ups on the swap, lots of work i know! I have a 2004 so I don't have the blackbox but didnt realize the extra weight of an extended cab would pose such an issue with a 6speed.... Maybe this project should wait for a RCSB build one day. Thanks for the great info!
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