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  1. just a troll doing what trolls do best.....trolling
  2. That is pretty much what I replied to his messages with.
  3. Pm'd Mod earlier today, and he is gone this afternoon! Now thats some swift action. Thanks Dan and Chris
  4. I have had about five messages so far calling me a p*ss* and b*tch and what not trying to get me to race him.. What a tool
  5. Yes it can make that power, either stock cube or 408, like stated above your budget will be the factor. Heads, cam, intake, exhaust, fuel delivery, tuning. Each one of those has their own price tags in a very wide range of numbers, and the amount of work you do on your own plays a big role. Its easy to nail down the cost of the big pieces but you might surprised how quickly the small things add up. Ask L8terbro how quickly a built trans and a blower can add up. You can do things on a budget and shouldnt be afraid to if you research and do the work right. The key is researching. You can make a LOt of power with an LQ9. The thickness of your wallet is the only thing that will stop you.
  6. Dont worry man, converters are tricky to spec, and very much tailored for the application they were spec'd to. Weight, cam, gearing, and tire size are the big factors, you have three of them in place, but the most important one is not there, the cam...your engines powerband is almost certainly in a very different spot in the band than the converter is spec'd for and you are not producing near the power it was built to see. Do not hold any expectations for it right now. I do suggest, if you havent already done so, placing the largest tranny cooler you can on there because stalling higher than you should creates more slip in the tc and increases heat. Once you get the second half of the equation put into place it will fall into place and be a completely different truck. You need the blower but you need that blower cam just as much if not more. The powerband has to match the converter and the cam is responsible for that. You are getting there. Try and put it on the dyno and get a feel for where your tourqe peaks and curves are right now and then see how much it changes when you get the cam in there. You will see why the converter is acting so strange right now because it isnt seeing the torque/power curve and tourqe/power peaks where it it should be seeing it.
  7. Well man, I really hope you get the trans situation sorted. The one side effect of high performance parts and vehicles that often is overlooked is a rather tedious "test and tune" process. It will get there, you are learning a lot! That trans is damn near bullet proof and that is great but remember, at the end of the day, the converter is going to be what makes you love it or hate it right now (4l80's are considered go-to transmissions for horsepower numbers starting at the 650 mark, and built 65/70's are trusted up to 650 and used becuase of less parasitic loss). You arent dumping near the power to that trans that it is built for so dont be dissapointed if you arent seeing too much. The right converter should help battle through some of the parasitic loss by increasing efficiency, and shift patterns should also be better so it should be a lil quicker, but before you get upset about anything just keep telling yourself you havent even put any stank on it yet, all you have done is beefed it up to handle the power so far. Once the boost comes on, then that 80 is going to shine, I am sure you spec'd the converter with a blower in the equation so peak power and torque numbers are well under what they should be for the stall right now, once the power band matches the converter stall rating, you will not be able to get rid of the grin.
  8. I have been thinking about nitrous but only because my friends dad has a zex kit that has been in his accord for about 10 years unused. He put it in brand new and only used it like four times then purged the bottle ten years ago and it has just sat there hooked up. I am pretty sure i could get him to damn near give it to me. Do you think it would be worth it?
  9. The full part number on the gasket set that i used was MS16124 MS92467 It came with egr valve gaskets that i didnt need
  10. Victor Reinz MS16124 GM MLS gaskets. I know they say to reuse the stock ones, and you could, but mine looked like crap compared to a brand new set of stock gaskets.
  11. If it makes you feel any better, I can guarantee that was the best looking vehicle that wrecker towed that day!
  12. Cant comment on the slipping, not a trans expert by any means, but I remember when you first came one here with your budget question and my first pointer was to maximize your budget by doing AS MUCH as you could yourself and not to be afraid to try because you could get more bang for your buck and so that at some point you would be able to type the above paragraph. I think I can speak for most everyone when I say, " Congratulations on beginning a journey that is both rewarding, positive, fun, (spendy as ****), completely worth while!" That truck is going to become more than the sum of its parts, for every person on this board their truck has become their means of expression, their outlet, the stone they carve, and the way they show that real men still do sh*t themselves. To much in life has become drive-thru convenienced, quickly thrown together, marginally accepted as THE way to do things. It is important for men to promote amongst each other the difficult path to individual perfection. We should push each other to achieve, even if it means hard work and sacrifice. You are doing a good, old school, bitchin job. Keep building it and tearing it up and building it some more till you get it where you want it. This build, even though its early in the process deserves to be here for people to see when they read builds like Dannys Ferd or Brians Super Polished SS or the Crazy Canadian RCSB With 22.5 steelies that I literally would kill for. Keep it up and hurry up and dump some air in that motor lol.
  13. Everytime i go to Texas the Weather goes to crap. Now I am stuck having to pull a trailer back home on icy roads.

    1. ballincustoms


      Sorry that's how it is here

    2. JC03SS
    3. Brentd


      Lol...ballin, i grew up in tyler, texas, and live about 45 minutes from beaumont now, it just seems here lately i cant catch a break. My wife and kids are there this week and its great weather... Go figure. I must cast a cloud on the great state lol.

  14. 305/55 is almost a 33.25" inch tire. Looking at how my crew cab vmax sits with 305/50/20s with front end sitting at stock height, I would think a little over a 1/2" all the way around the tire would clear pretty easily with a crank on the torsion bars. I have no problems with the 32s, but i did clearance my air dam slightly at the bottom corners back when I had 10" wide 24s with 305s on them because of a small amount of rub when turning with simultaneous slight suspension compression. Like Chris said, you would probably be good with the 305/55.
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