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  1. Johnboy92

    Finally picked up an SS

    Nice SS man welcome
  2. Johnboy92

    I NEED the lower tailgate cladding..

    I have one, Semt you a PM
  3. Johnboy92

    Drag Wheel set up

  4. It would be nice if I was actually viewing it lol
  5. Johnboy92

    Gm oem Parts for sale

    @nevrenz was looking for an insert
  6. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    For sale is a dyablo predator tuner in good shape I took it off my 2006 Silverado SS. It's for 06-07 GM V8 vehicles. Works great just unmarried and took it off my truck about 3 months ago. It's unlocked and ready to go! Text 561 8twoseven 26 o 3 for faster response! Looking to get $230 OBO shipped. I got pics , don't know how to upload but text for pics!
  7. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    Only reason Iā€™m selling is because I went custom tune. My loss is your gain . Text me for pics the files are too large from my phone to upload here
  8. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    Yea, however Iā€™m pretty sure Dyablo can supply a tune for you if you send it in, the model number is U7192x
  9. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    50 shipped somebody take this thing
  10. Johnboy92

    8 rib pulley system

    Got any pics
  11. Johnboy92

    Interior paint match

  12. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    60 shipped. Someone just make an offer lol
  13. Bump for great seller! Tailgate & spoiler came and it looked fantastic. Buy with confidence fellas. The tailgate looks sweet on my truck šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
  14. Bump for sweet tailgate & spoiler. Item came just as described. Buy with confidence fellas. Looks sweet on my truck šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ Thanks again man!
  15. Johnboy92

    Lots of odds and ends parts

    Any pics of the grille?
  16. Johnboy92

    4- 275/55/r16

    Got pics
  17. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    65 shipped lol
  18. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

  19. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    75 shipped
  20. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    85 shipped I need this thing gone
  21. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    Bump 100 shipped
  22. Johnboy92


    In search of a tvs 2300 or a blower similar to it
  23. Johnboy92


    I know man there is more sales on pt. Actually I missed out on buying that tvs2300 and the 1900 last month they had quite a few for sale for a while lol
  24. Johnboy92


    Lmao hey aren't you on pt? @ matslp488 yea man me too I would snatch a 1900 just untill I can find a 2300 & I'll check out that website .
  25. Johnboy92

    Dyablo Predator Tuner

    110 shipped